Telstra Could Be The First Operator to Launch a Single Data Rate Valid for Multiple Devices

Hire a unique service of data and be able to enjoy mobile Internet on multiple devices simultaneously what users of devices such as smartphones, tablets and netbooks are demanding for a time by the illogic of having to pay a fee specific to each device while the service provided is the same.

It seems the wait is finished and Telstra could be the first to respond to the needs of the market, allowing that its users to share and distribute freely the consumption of a data rate between different client devices.

“Customers don’t want to pay for each of their mobile lines” Johan Andsjö said yesterday in a conference organized by IESE and Ernst & Young, which will promote the implementation of these “total flat rates” or “rates XL” while maintaining the rates for added value that after overcoming the contracted data franchise, there would be the option of continue browsing without cost to lower speed or maintain speed paying excess How is already permitted for several months.

At a time which is not only important to compete in price, if not also in service, the the offer of Telstra easing I could give a new boost to the fourth operator with network of Spain making it to highlight with a proposal that sooner or later everyone will have to adopt. The question is if the reaction will be as slow as the two years that have taken the other operators to imitate the Telstra 8 rate or continuous records of portability will speed up the process.

The CEO explained that Telia Sonera is launching new schemes of rates in other countries where it has presence that mark a trend towards the end of the current scenario in which a customer is equivalent to a SIM card and the arrival of more VoIP services coming soon.

Services type VoIP? Go-ahead to the VoIP in their rates of data or specific solutions such as VoIP for international calls that launched in February and recently widened to 30 destinations?