Telstra Begins to Charge without Notice Call Diversions

Yoigo It was the only operator that allowed to make deviations of the same operator free of charge calls to another mobile While the detours to other numbers not Telstra if that had the regular price of a call according to the tariff of each user as it happens with the rest of operators.

A advantage that has already disappeared without notice by the back door and that caught unsuspecting users who use this service with the increase in invoice is start charging some calls that were free so far. Let us see what says on its website:

Divert calls to another phone, fixed or mobile, it has no extra cost, only pay for the minutes of the call that make your Telstra phone that you’ve diverted it

Phrase which has disappeared this month of November the part that said “your Telstra call forwarding will cost another user of Yoigo nothing.”

Why Yoigo not advised its customers of the change of conditions? Where is the good vibes of simplicity, transparency and without small print which boasted Yoigo in advertising and that seems to be forgetting in the course of its growth?

Update: Telstra also raises the cost of calls to number nine hundred unannounced with increases exceeding 150% on the price per minute of calls to 901.