Telstra Begins to Charge for The Duplicate of The Lost SIM Card

The SIM card mobile phones is the chip that identifies us in the network with our phone number and allows us to make use of the mobile so when it fails or it disappears, we will be in trouble if we do not want to be held incommunicado.

To get everything back to normal we will need to make a duplicate of the SIM and although this is an essential service in order to use the mobile (or modem), operators chose to charge each duplicate SIM to avoid some abuse when on occasions be replaced the old with a new SIM unless absolutely necessary.

Movistar and Orange charge 5 euros in duplicate, Vodafone in the worst of cases allows a free duplicate a year (the rest 6 euros) and now Telstra rejoins the fashionable charge for this service.

Specifically Telstra has begun to collect 6 euros If the duplicate physical store or 10 euros if you send mail to home but it will continue to remain free in the event of having to replace a defective SIM or in case of theft (presenting the corresponding complaint).

It may be an easy way to control costs and avoid unnecessary work to distributors, but rates aside, with such changes gives the feeling that every time there is less difference between the mobile operators. Could it be that they are all equal?