Telstra Also Reduces Subsidies for Phones Supported

Without making too much noise, April also has become in the month in which Yoigo It has taken to strengthen its programme of funding of mobile to continue reducing the discount of the grants that even are already non-existent If we compare prepaid card prices and prices of portability to contract with the lowest monthly commitment fees, where must be followed by signing a stay 18 months although not to obtain gains in the price of the phone.

So if you’re willing to sign permanence with Yoigo, it is possible that want to do it with mobile funded rather than the traditional subsidy model, as you can see in the following image does not exist in all cases:

More payment options

After out subsidies to a minimum, Telstra also opted for months by a particular method of financing now complete with new options for facilitate the payment of the device as a contrast to the proposals of Movistar and Vodafone, is not clear at all who pays the interest of the programme of payment of Telstra.

Starting from now, in addition to the payment of 3 euros per month, will also be available New installments of 5 or 8 euros per month that it will allow further lowering the initial price of a few smartphones every day more expensive and comprehensive. Fees more comfortable paying the 10 or 20 euros demanded by Movistar and Vodafone.

The stays remain in 18 months except with the rates Mega flat 40 and 55 that are 24 months of permanence.

The next step will be to do discounts for the delivery of mobile used? Fidelizaran better to those who already are customers of Telstra as it is assumed that they will do the rest?

More incentives to make Telstra contract

Since increasingly valued over service and balance of rates that accompany it, in the absence of a rebate of the rates when they do not subsidize a mobile, time Telstra has launched an attractive promotion to attract new customers seeking data connection on your mobile giving away Internet multiline service.

Internet Yoigo multiline is one of the most attractive in comparison with direct competition since it allows share a bonus of internet among all with the same ID for a single fee rather than a fee for each line of identity card which will activate it.

The only condition to enjoy from Internet free multiline forever is to activate a bonus of 1 GB or higher during the month of April or have it before and keep it next to the multiline service.

In terms of new terminals, Telstra has premiered the new this month LG Optimus L3 It is available for €99 in prepaid card, from 0 euros with the Mega flat 30 and permamencia of 18 months as shown in the first image. It is the first device of the new line of Optimus with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, screen of 3.2 inches, 800 MHz processor and camera of 3.15 megapixel.