Take Advantage of The Charm of This Textile

The lace is a worthy to be seen in any of its variations. Your patterns, which are built by means of intricate embroidery, still a huge power in the bridal area. And it is that this is a textile that shine with their own light and with an incomparable Majesty. Learn how to incorporate it into your wedding!

The birth of the lace is fixed around the 16th century, an era in which the handcrafted manufacturing takes great strength. This textile is distinguished by the formation of geometric patterns, but also Excel motifs inspired by nature. Flowers, especially, have magnified his encounter with this textile, making it clear that art and fashion will never be estranged.

Lace In Your Bridal Look

The lace has become an indispensable ally of the romantic, dreamy girls and a free spirit.Precisely for this reason, the incorporation of the lace on your style should be fundamental, either in your dress, your shoes, some detail that takes the hit, or, in the veil. Remember to be very observant, since you’ll also find their beautiful textures and patterns as complementary accessories and shoes details.

Patterns In The Assembly

That’s right! The decoration is an essential part of your wedding, so you not only have to choose a range of colors, but that this must be complemented with a selection of textiles which make harmony. You can incorporate the lace table linen (table runners). Napkins and some illustrations in the menus can be great to accompany the atmosphere of your day. Don’t forget the mason jars, perfect to garnish with a piece of lace.

Fit Into Your Wedding Cake?

Well, there is no doubt that this will be one of the winners details in your wedding. The best of this great textile is that now your patterns and intricate embroidery also reach the pastry with fine details. To be sincere, we love the idea!

Lace Details

Alternatively, you can bet on include this magnificent textile in your wedding invitationsand also the gifts of gratitude. Handcrafted marmalades wrapped with lace, centerpieces of gifts, candles, cards, and more! Watch these original souvenirs for your link and add a touch of glamour with a bit of lace.