T-Shirts Now Speak

Demanding, feminist, ironic, artistic, personalized, simple or luxurious t-shirts will turn style and communication in the releases for Summer 2017/18 in the Northern Hemisphere.
Maria Grazia Chiuri, the first creative woman director at Dior did not let the fact go blank in her first collection for the Maison.
When she put a T-shirt with the phrase “We Should All Be Feminists” on the catwalk, she made it clear what she wanted.
An interpretation of women’s empowerment without losing their tenderness.
Immediately there appeared a thousand versions of T-shirts with slogans and statements giving a new interest to the basic shirt of every day according to Thesciencetutor.org.
Virtually all of the 2017/18 Summer shows showed T-shirts with messages or logomania of brands.
This new feminism is not a struggle to make advantages prevail over women, but for the equality of the sexes, either in relation to the profession or the relationship.
Pop culture has appropriated the theme and some companies have already created t-shirts with feminist slogans.
Slogans and Statements
T-shirts and sweatshirts with slogans have become coveted pieces.
Political statements, ironic messages, humorous puns or just a word like “Love”, “hero”, “happy” or any other that alone says a lot.
Using slogans on a shirt balances in a line between the elegant and the tacky.
Be aware of the words that are written on your t-shirt and make sure it matches the place and time you are going to wear.
The Wrong Slogan
Sentence on Zara’s T-shirt gave her the talk.
The slogan was “White is the new Black.”
The description of the “Zara White is the new Black” T-shirt was an allusion to the fashionable expression “Black is the new Black”.
But there were a number of attacks on Zara because the brand was misunderstood and accused of racism.
The expression “Black is the new Black”, or in a direct translation, black is the new black is commonly employed as a slang in the world of fashion to say that when it comes to clothes, something happened to be easy to combine, extremely versatile as the black color.