Swimwear Trend for the Beach

Here I am, finally free after a stressful week and full … tests have practically forced me to a monastic life of so much study, many books and notes and little, very little social life! But in these days when various mythological figures have attacked with their super-temperatures from liquefaction, I was only thinking about when this is all over and I can finally spend my days only between the beach, sun, sea, cocktails and relaxation ! Hands up who has not closed my eyes for a few seconds while studying and you are catapulted on Caribbean beaches, where in his hands instead highlighter yellow had a beautiful and tasty coconut … But back to us and to real life. This is the time when, at least I, do programs on what to wear at the beach this summer during my holidays. So I want to introduce you to Divissima, a company that designs and manufactures a line of swimwear and very nice robes.


The entire collection is divided for trends, there are animal costumes, those with cute prints stripes, flowers, fluorescent ones, those modular … in short, a very wide choice of colors that will surely meet all of our tastes. Personally I love the sea compose alone the costumes, so often tend to buy the plain such as slip and then match a triangle or a band in a more whimsical fantasy that draws them. I really enjoy playing at the beach, especially with the bright colors. For this reason I particularly enjoyed the section of brand new fluo costumes present right on the site Divissima , in fact just one of the models in this part of the collection I selected the full from the sea you see me wearing in these photos! I chose a pantapareo fluorescent green color (those that do not bring in your suitcase a beautiful neon suit this summer??) with its bandeau top made ​​double veil… twice veil is very light and does not stick to the skin ( i hate it when out of the water the costumes adhere too!), also it has a strap that depending on how it shakes, does take a different form to our piece above the costume. Here at Gradinmath you can get more different models and styles.

Generally I do not love this kind of pants, but this here Divissima struck me first of all by the color and then because it is made ​​of the veil (so it is very light) and not of the fabric. Become fluttering and goes well with the steps… it gives me the feeling to be even more cool, which never hurts!


My look is made ​​then by the full fluorescent green Divissima I perfect I consider it for a day at the beach for a walk but also for a drink, a straw hat and summer is almost a must-have, my big bag sea ​​(by force because I we really maxi slip around inside !!) in this case linen and colored stripes (in the color plot there is also a reminder to the green of my outfits), and flip flops indispensable rubber… super comfy and ultra fashion! I chose to wear then a polish Essie plum in contrast with the colors of the complete from the sea but that fits perfectly with the tan in my opinion. The make up is only reduced to a powdered waterproof mascara: the beach in fact I like to be natural as possible!

Well, I gave you a bit ‘of “straight from the beach” and while daydream a few more days, I invite you to take a look at the beautiful collection Divissima, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed at all!