You still have not found your pair of sunglasses this summer? Aviator, cat eyes, butterflies, futuristic or very protective, here are good tips to choose its solar as its morpho and to stroll on the terrace.

If you have a round face: Prefer stretched rectangular models, butterfly, cat eyes or oval. Round frames and are retro trend, but would emphasize a little more your youthful side.

If you have a square face: Unlike your counterparts with a round face, the famous round or oval frames are made ​​for you. Provided, however, to be quite straight up but rounded at the bottom. Wear them high enough on the nose. On the contrary, if you want to accentuate the shape of your face, choose geometric shapes with straight lines, such as rectangular and triangular.

If you have triangular face: Models with rather thin rectangular, oval or round frames perfectly suit your body because they will mitigate the sharpness of the chin if you have a triangular face V (chin thinner than the front). Conversely, if your body is like a triangle A (thus the reverse), prefer models whose upper portion is wider than the bottom.

If you have an oval face: Lucky you are, you can enable you because everything you will!

If you have a rectangular face: It is better to adopt fairly wide oval models, with rounded edges and long, thick frame, because the choice of a pair to gross angles could increase your authoritarian side.