Sunglasses: Classics And Suitable

If I were to indicate sunglasses for you, Male Channel, even without knowing him personally, would two models without fear of making mistakes: the Wayfarer and Aviator . The duplicate created by Ray-Ban for decades are classics that combine perfectly with the style of the current urban man. The first, with a footprint more rocker and cool is my favorite, the second has style that refers to the military with touch, however both are those who combine best with both the visual social casual about.

But how are the sports models like the famous swindles Oakley, known by your aggressive design and bold? These glasses are great with sportswear which, incidentally, was the initial idea, but were eventually incorporated into the everyday wardrobe who lives in the city thanks to a good marketing campaign or an unprecedented hype and not really leaving to be an error of style, as well as the use of gym shoes for work , ignoring that this type of footwear has nothing to do with the clothes.

In cases like this, the more the sports spectacles, more moved he looks on the look.

Another thing that counts in favor of these types of sunglasses is the fact that there are more exclusive brand that created them, and you can find versions of the most different brands and prices. Even so it is not advisable to lay aside elements such as the quality of the material used and the protection they offer thanks to theies equipped with filters against ultra-violet radiation found in some of these accessories.

The rockers love the Wayfarer and bands such as the Ramones were responsible for popularizing this model.

This Aviator designer Tom Ford is not for every budget, but there are cheaper options.

The version of trademark skatewear Vans to the Wayfarer costs less than $20 in the US, in Brazil, unfortunately, this glasses is not yet available.

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