Summer Wedding Dresses in the Garden

Wedding dresses in the garden. Wedding dress varies depending on the time, place and type of wedding. In this post will leave you a list of tips so you know how to dress to go to a wedding in the garden, especially these tips are ideal for all guests to a wedding party.

Many couples decide to perform your wedding in a garden, because it is more elegant and very sophisticated. Weddings at the garden are very popular today, since it allows to enjoy the environment and the natural vegetation. In many countries there are restaurants, farms, hotels and open spaces perfect for a wedding, either on the day or at night.

Colors for the dress. All women are invited to a wedding that takes place in a garden, should choose to use dresses or costumes that are bright and vivid colors. For example; Green, pink, yellow, turquoise, blue, Orange, etc. With any of these colors look radiant and beautiful. The colors should be avoided for a wedding in the garden are: grey, black and coffee. All wedding dresses in elishui that are plain colors, are perfect for a wedding in the garden.

Elaborate fabrics like sequins dresses, laces, embroideries are ideal for use in a wedding that takes place in a garden. It is better to use clothes that are made from fabrics light, and fluffy you will thus avoid having heat and you’ll be very comfortable.

The length of the dress. Dresses that are of different lengths can be used for weddings that take place in a garden, it all depends on your personal taste. You can use short cocktail dresses, but always be careful that you are not very short. If you want to use short dresses try length reaches up to the knee or slightly below. They are currently trendy long and vaporous dresses, especially for if the wedding is performed at night.

Accessories. To complete the look and look so perfect, you should choose the best accessories and best hairstyle. If you want to look a look with much style and comfort, you should choose gathered hairstyles that are with pronounced cleavages. Don’t make the error of Ponte accessories that are too ostentatious, is best that you only use a cute necklace, a pair of beautiful earrings and a beautiful bracelet.

If on the day of the wedding, it’s very hot try put a cute hat. But, always try to use a hat that match your dress perfectly. It must also carry a cute range that combines with your outfit, this accessory will be very useful and will look great with your look.

The makeup. For perfect makeup natural tones should be used, but if you’re more daring attempt to use a makeup in bright tones and try to highlight your lips or your eyes. It is very important to choose a makeup that is special humidity and last long on the skin. So, use a makeup that match her outfit and accessories.

Footwear. The perfect shoes for a wedding in the garden are sandals or open shoes. Do not use high heels or very thin, because they are buried in the lawn. It is also highly recommended that you perform in your bag an insect repellent and something that you cover the shoulders.