Summer Plus Size Outfits

High in the summertime and the weather is! At least it was until a few days ago…
Nevertheless summer is coming and what do we do then “big” girls? Who would like to see not so much skin for various reasons, have to find other alternatives. Today I’ll show you Nr. 1 of the series “Summer plus size outfits”.

The oversized look

The mustard-yellow upper part is made of thin stretch and sits very loosely. Since it is pretty much cut out, I wear a (khaki) top including – I like these 2 phases or also onion look anyway very much, so many, short troubled tops can be perfectly “extend”.

The scarf

You already know the Leopard print. This time, it serves less to the decoration, but as a replacement for the jacket in the morning. Because it is there still relatively fresh, he covered scarf at least the shoulders and the neck. At noon he lands in the Pocket, so also the cute bow on the shirred neckline is revealed

The Maxi jeans

Blue bleached – a nice contrast to mustard yellow. This jeans is no longer indispensable wardrobe from meimem plus-size. Elastic waistband for more freedom, again in stretch for greater comfort and so thin that it is more comfortable than usual denim on the skin even at high temperatures. In addition I rolling up trouser legs over something more than above the ankle, there is no more skin

The shoes

We have already seen the already at one of my summer plus size outfits, Lieblingsballerinas are currently single. Don’t worry, I have still lots of others who I would like to present you gradually. But they fit happen on just about any jeans. Or?

The make up

Brown eye shadow with gold items, bronzer and gloss – keep everything also, should use at high temperatures after the off powders also a fixation spray her, there is in every corner drugstore of almost any brand.

The earrings

Retro! Sparkling! Oval!
There more to the jewelry not to say this time.

The bag

As special highlight this time a plastic bin bag in pastel blue.

Nice idea and very popular in the beer garden or in the Café. So you actually accidentally/intentionally attracts attention on you, that’s for sure.

Opening credits for next week: “Tunic pleasures”

All large size parts finds her here in the online stores and their plus size collections:

Top: Sheego
Top: C & A
Jeans: Bon Prix
Ballerinas: Deichmann
Earrings: Claire’s
Bag: Six