Summer Dresses: The Most Comfortable Look

Hello everyone! How are these holidays? Sure, many are working, studying or have already returned your deserved rest. But it’s okay, there are still weeks of Sun and enjoy, even on weekends.

And one of the most fun of this hot weather is to choose what we’re going to get… What is your main option? Mine, without a doubt, the dresses as described in cool clothes. I use them all year round, but especially when comes the summer… I feel comfortable, with freedom of movement and to choose shapes, colors and other options.Whatever your tastes and your body type, outside there is a perfect dress for you!

In this entry I will take to show you some of my new dresses for summer.Most can easily get them in online shops–because you know that on this blog very amateur to virtual shopping HOWTOs-, so I will leave the links under each photo. Oh, if you want a reference for height and size, mido 1’70 and usually carry a size 38. I hope that I have helped!

This black dress is WeQueen and is terribly versatile: I wear flip-flops, sandals, high heels… It is very cool and light and beige in the waist and neck details give originality. This time I’ve put it with a few wedges I bought in the UK and, by the way, are very comfortable with that platform.

To give a bit of joy to the look I’ve put this Golden Oasap megacollar, there are more colors, but this is very combinable. Despite being jewellery looks much and brightens any “soso” look like this, so I’m using a lot.

This Sheinside maxivestido was love at first sight. I was concerned that top was not the right size, but feel very good and brand forms. Despite the color and length is a dress very wearable, even to go out and have a drink on a terrace without more pretensions. Bad thing? Skirt slit down to sites… say private, so I had to sew machine to close it a little bit. I have combined it with Zara heel Sandals of a jug of years ago.

This Oasap printed dress is, without doubt, which most I have started over the summer. It is cool, short for we put legs brunette and, with the details of the neck, no required accessories! This time I’ve been with a few wedges of wood by Primark.

This geometric Sheinside bodycon dress is a riskier bet and I admit that I have not put it me so often, only to go out for the night or any special occasion. Is closed sufficiently over the top as to not be too scandalous, and the black sticks with everything… to break the monochrome of the look I’ve combined it with Carolina Boix comfortable sandals.

This dress pin up of Oasap is perfect for an evening out with a cheerful and carefree look. To be adjusted at the waist and loose hip makes a very nice shape body, and I can assure that these Greens are the most beautiful with the Sun. I have combined it with a tight belt and a few simple TvisT wedges.

And, finally, a dress that is not… dress shirt of lace and fringe of Sheinside(click to see it, because in the picture he is not perceived and is gorgeous), Bershka tight skirt and sandals that you’ve seen in the look of the red dress. I repeated with the Golden collar.

I also leave a video with the looks in motion:

As you can see, the tones I like very much base smooth, specifically black, and remember in Asturias and in the UK not making so hot as that overwhelm me dress in that color… I think that in the South of Spain you’ll find more summery tones to combat the heat!

What are your favorite summer clothes? Do you use many dresses?