Summer Clothes for Chubby Young

If you’re a chubby Lady and don’t know to dress for each day, we invite you to see the look that you introduced then hope you like you.

Not because you have some extra pounds think that you can not look beautiful or fashion, then, since currently has a wide variety of models of clothes featuring designs especially for gorditas girls, this what different designers have realized that women who have a perfect body are not few.

  • A look is the t-shirt, blouse or a long pole, which goes casual with a basic jean; at the same time can change the type color of polo and jeans and by special a few ballerinas. give joy to your life don’t get dropped by a simple physical appearance.
  • In this look is to wear a single dress in a striking colour and chord with you skin with taco shoes color number 7 minimum.
  • A white pole and an open shirt of a summer design accompanied with a small chorsito of jean, with flashy sneakers and a unique style is a chubby sincere feelings.

Dresses of elegant for gorditas

If you have a special celebration in which want to dazzle and look radiant, surely you’re in search of an elegant dress that goes perfectly with your personal style and mostly that is a model of the latest trends in fashion in the coming days.

So not you spend an eternity looking for the dresses perfect for you, now I want to help you leaving you some models of elegant dresses that are special to gorditas women who want to dazzle very beautiful at all times and especially look special designs that allow you to show off a more stylized image, because then enjoy the following models of dresses.

It uses a black dress

Black dresses are the most recommended as summer clothes so you can wear a more stylized image, since being a dark color gives a visual sensation of a body slimmer and better formed, in addition to black dresses are perfect for various special occasions, so that as well as allowing you to look with body more stylized you won’t have many problem to choose the color, as black is a bet it safe you can use both for celebrations such as weddings, marriage, special dinners, promotion, graduation, etc.

She wears a fitted dress

So you do not give an extra volume to your body the key is to choose a well fitted dress, clear that you don’t have to too snug to the body since most notorious ara your defects, but if it is important to be your ideal size, with which you can move with utmost comfort while you tighten and above all without you is too loose.

It uses a dress online A

This type of designing dresses is perfect to disguise wide hips and rollers that you can have in the area of the abdomen, since they have a unique design in the form of A, i.e. what u little more snug in the upper part of the chest and take your journey waist it widens, so having a skirt with a little flight. But you have to take in count that if in addition to being a gorditas girl you’re short, I do not recommend that you opt for this model’s dress, since ara you look like smaller that you already are.


  • With V-shaped neckline dresses are perfect for you if you have large busts and want to wear it so sexy, since this type of cleavage permit to conceal a little bust volume to give a more feminine and elegant touch. Avoid dresses that have details in this area of the body, ara seem larger bust and that is what they do not want, since with its natural size is more than enough so that you can be beautiful.
  • If you have shoulder and wide back you have to avoid dresses with very thin rod, it is better that you opt for dresses with asymmetric cutting models.