Suitcase Or Backpack: What Is the Best Choice for Traveling?

The subject today is controversial. I believe that involves devotees and major fights such as Android users x iPhone. When you’re traveling, choose suitcase or backpack?

I choose bag, unlike my two fellow blog. But I consider myself less “Hitcher”. This post is in defense of those who prefer the bags and get along like travelers, even carrying a backpack on my back.

Reason 1: the pain

I begin to explain my preference for a simple reason: load the backpack makes my back hurt. If you notice the photos on this blog, will realize that I am a person with spinal problems (my daily struggle these days with the gym is to try to improve it), I don’t have a lot of strength and load the backpack I bother. Nati intervene now, saying:-“But you also never carried a backpack right!”

Well, that’s the honest truth, I’ve never been with a backpack and my bag that could be transported as well as Backpack was definitely not suitable for this second use. However, in my defense, I mean that even those lighter backpacks, bother me after a while. Sore shoulders and lower back. Now, imagine loading a Knick three times heavier?

My suitcase that turned critical hours backpack

You see, I’m not saying pull the clog rather than loading it do less harm to the column. I’m saying that bothers my column. In addition, there is no denying that, a long way, it is better to push the case than with the heavy Backpack on my back-especially if you are a happy owner of those bags of four wheels (I envy you, colleague).

Wheels dirty

This would lead to the second intervention of Naty (my imaginary voice in favour of the backpacks), it would be:-“remember when we had to circulate that maze of poop in your suitcase and Varanasi and the wheels were turning in cow manure.”

It is true that circulate by India of bag can be a complicated task. Remember that just as we reached the country of the cow, we thought we’d burn everything he touched the ground, so dirty that was-the trauma happened, of course. But my bag has always been closer to the ground than the packs on the backs of the boys. And, of course, she was pretty dirty. But, frankly, patience – eventually I cleaned. I confess that I tried to walk the labyrinth kilometers of poop using the bag as if it were a backpack, but it didn’t work and I pulled her the rest of the way. My suitcase was dirty, but my back stayed whole.

The critical point

For this case, I won’t need the arguments of Naty. If you have a moment that the backpack WINS shot of the bags, is one in which you face a staircase on your front. Nothing is sadder than load suitcase up the stairs, especially if you have the misfortune of not being economical in choosing clothes and carrying two bags. Just understand what I’m saying who ever had to climb a suitcase upstairs, put it at the top and down to get the other. Treadmills are the greatest joy in the heart of a traveler with wheelie bag. Unless you’re cheap and take just one bag.

In these moments I envied a lot of backpacking buddies. Fortunately, my suitcase that turned into Backpack was useful to give it a boring job to open the battery compartment of the transformation and she was uncomfortable too much to use on his back for more than a few minutes.

The Organization

There was a moment I almost gave up my baby wheelie bag. It was soon after India, in Nepal. After passing several hassles, poop and potholed streets, stairs, entrances and exits, I thought it was time to surrender to the backpack, with or without pain in the column. And that’s their own backpacks stopped me from doing so.

Kathmandu is a city that has equipment stores to track personnel every five meters, but I can’t find any-I repeat, no-backpack option that wasn’t a big bag. All backpack should have at least two openings, a top and a bottom. Otherwise is almost impossible to get the stuff in the background. This type of bag is not difficult to find, in General. Almost all the brands have models like that and I don’t know why we haven’t found in Kathmandu. A slightly more rare type of backpack, but that supplies very good this deficiency, are those that have opening in almost any length. Those Nati and Rafa use are like that, but I confess to not having seen many of them around.

And, in my humble opinion, it’s easier to organize things in the suitcase, not to mention that as the case has “walls”, is less likely to break or blow things inside. Already the Naty argues that the backpack pockets help in the Organization and that it is sufficient to divide the items that go in the main compartment in handbags, bags and cases for everything to be protected and organized. But in the end, whatever.

The conclusion

The conclusion is there in the paragraph above. Whatever Mr. If you, like me, do not carry weight in the back, prefer bags. Also choose bags if you like to carry more things, or is a buyer, or likes to keep your things more organized. If you go to destinations that will have to walk a lot, change a lot of cities and use various types of transport, consider the backpack. If your destination is less paved, or chaotic, or involve filthy streets, prefer the backpack. But none of that rule.

I, Rafa and Naty made the same trip for 10 months and 14 countries, more clean and organized, such as England, France and Hong Kong, the chaotic, like India and Indonesia. We had to walk a lot, we got a lot of public transportation and, Yes, we carry a lot of baggage. I with my bag, they with the backpack. Each with their positive and negative points.

Moral of the story, no one is better or worse because traveler goes around with a backpack on your back – or pulls the bag. After all, what matters is where you are, not what you take.