Suffocation in Cup Success on Twitter

There heart, friends! I’m sure, as happened to me, your Sabbath was sweaty – literally. The Brazilian team faced Chile at the Mineirao in Belo Horizonte. It was a hard time, but Brazil advanced to the quarterfinals of the World Cup. In turn, in our beloved internet who is hitting a jackpot it is Twitter. Some joke saying that the site has become the social network’s official world.

Monitoring done by Twitter confirmed an impressive record: 388,985 tweets in just a minute, beating the previous mark obtained during the Super Bowl, the last game of football. Super Bowl 2014 were 381,605 tweets per minute.

According to the micro, the brand has achieved in the final minutes, when the holy Julius Caesar defended the last penalty charged by Chile.

Although the goalkeeper’s role was decisive, it was the attacker Neymar the most mentioned player on Twitter, followed by Hulk, and only third, Julius Caesar. In relation to players of Chile, the podium athletes most mentioned by Internet users was composed of: Alexis Sanchez, Charles Aránguiz and Mauricio Pinilla.

I got up to I cause particular to tell. It was precisely because of the World Cup I got a personal record of RTs. The Neymar image flying on a broom reached 2.5000 retweets and was favorite for nearly a thousand users. This only counting what was replicated cipro “officially” my account. If you search for Quidditch now realize that fell into the net and has turned fish – without the right to credit.

The volume of 140 character messages already exceeds by far the seen in the Games London Olympic, two years ago. At the time, Twitter had recorded 160 million tweets about the competition in the first 16 days of the Olympics. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil already accounts for 300 million tweets about the event during the first 15 days.

Internet portals that make the World Cup coverage are also quite pleased. For now we do not have numbers on stations and Brazilian sites. Here in the United States, the broadcast of the match between American and German selection on the ESPN site crashed due to the high number of viewers. The company went public that the first departure time peak had 1.4 million simultaneous viewers.

Also compared to the Olympics there in 2012 ESPN faced bottlenecks when 850,000 Internet users opened the WatchESPN page to see the hockey game between the US and Russia.

I just want to see what will be the end of the numbers of the World Cup on 13 July. Even if Brazil is in the field. Which, let’s face it, it seems a very distant dream at the moment.