Styling Tip: Which Watch Suits Which Type?

Either one is a watch type or one is none. There are people who could not carry their wristwatch out of the house, others prefer not to wear anything on the wrist and find watches just disturbing. No matter what sort you count, a watch has actually everyone in the drawer. But how does every watch become an eyecatcher and which model suits which type of woman? +What kinds are there? A small watch icon quartz watch.

This type of watch has a quartz crystal in the movement, which begins to oscillate under electric voltage and makes the watch tick. It is usually battery powered and goes very accurately.

mechanical watch

Mechanics watches have a mechanical movement and are applied by means of a crown or by means of an automatic movement. In mechanical watches, a small metal wheel, called a balance, fulfills the purpose of the quartz crystal.


The word chronograph comes from ancient Greek and literally translates into Zeitschreiber. Chronograph watches have an additional stop function.


It belongs to the family of mechanical watches. A small spring inside the clockwork ensures that it winds itself while you carry it. This is also the disadvantage, because it stops when you do not have it longer on the arm.


Chronometer are watches that go quite exactly. But this name must be worth a watch. The manufacture requires the necessary amount of time and rest of the watchmaker. The best example of the German Chronometer watches is the Wempe jeweler, who runs his own production facility for Chronometer in a historic star-studded room. Up to now, most of the Chronometer testing stations have been located in Switzerland, since 2006 Wempe has the only German test laboratory for wristwatches.

Clothes and jewelery: What woman wears which watch?

In general, the jewelery must fit into the clothing. A watch with leather strap should be in harmony with shoes or handbag. In addition, a rather rosy complexion of white and reddish precious metal is better, whereby gold fits better to yellowish skin.

Michelle Obama

Business women who like wearing a costume or a trousers suit and can do without a snicker are the best choice for classic watches. Leather strap and automatic movement or even a model with discreet glittering stones, are ideal to loosen the austere outfit. Fake watches are a no-go for business women.

Audrey Hepburn

An elegant clothing style, with feminine cut skirts or fine clothes and high heels flatters a flat watch in the color of the jewelery.

Sabine Lisicki

A sporty watch naturally fits the casual type. A chronograph with a mechanical movement, stainless steel or rubber bracelet is the perfect choice.

Katy Perry

They wear what is in, set new trends, are enthusiastic about experimentation and maybe even know a little about the hipster scene? Then several clocks in different styles are the right thing. There must also be no expensive models, since the unusual outfit is already eyecatcher enough. A funky type, however, can combine bracelet and watch and unite it at the wrist.

Petite woman-big clock

Nowadays, the phenomenon of petite women is becoming more and more common. They cling to a large watch that looks like a boy or a big brother. This is the trend, but the big watches are not for everyone. If you are very petite and small, a giant watch is not the best idea.