Style Check: Sebastian Wilder

This time, Sebastian Wilder has to undergo the style check of If the name says nothing, it’s not bad, it’s Ryan Gosling, who plays as Sebastian Wilder one of the main roles in La La Land. A musical, which was filmed in cinemascope format and so far in the American filmpreissaison 2016/17 more than 170 awards won. Including six Oscars, the film in the category Best Film did not succeed against the drama Moonlight. La La Land had previously been mistakenly awarded the prize by a reversed envelope.

Ryan Gosling’s style check as Sebastian Wilder is not going to be the trick. My style checks deal with fictional or real person whose style appeals to me and which I would like to share with you and the other readers. In this case the contributions of the text range are rather smaller than other contributions here in the blog, but there are more photos and recommendations for similar garments, shoes and accessories, if the style appeals to you.

La La Land-More Than A Musical

Apart from the over 170 awards, the film convinces not only through its story and the main actor Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, but also through the fashionable styles of the young jazz musician Sebastian Wilder. But before I go into the detail, I would like to have at least briefly tapped the film.

La La Land is a film music based on an original film adaptation by the director Chazelle. In terms of content, the film is divided into four chapters, which were named after the seasons spring, summer, autumn and a temporary epilogue winter. At the center of the musicals in cinemascope format is an ambitious jazz pianist, Sebastian Wilder (played by Ryan Gosling) and an up-and-coming actress, Mia Dolan (depicted by Emma Stone). Both of them strive for professional success in Los Angeles and fall in love with each other.

A constant back and forth between success, love and everyday life determines the history of the film. Where I do not want to betray too much, if you want to watch the movie still. If you know how the whole plot looks, just skip Wikipedia. La La Land, the title of the film, refers to the nickname of the city of Los Angeles as well as to a euphemistic designation of a reality-remote state of mind.

Ryan Gosling As Sebastian Wilder In Style Check

Now that we know what is the content of the film, we can submit Ryan Gosling as Sebastian Wilder to the Style-Check by It is striking that Ryan Gosling in the film, in most cases, wearing a suit jacket, shirt and jacket. Leger, as on the title photo one sees it rather rare. In doing so, he succeeded in making the otherwise rather severe, serious “suit gap” appear casual and casual.

This is achieved by not wearing his suit jacket in the same color as his jacket. He skillfully combines his garments and plays withdifferent color combinations that definitely work. So he mixes his jackets in Stone, Camel and Navy skilfully with pants in the colors Charcoal, Black and Indigo.

Ryan Gosling has been working with Ryan Gosling to bring the matching necktie to his suits in rather earthy shades. These are by no means boring and come very harmonious in color. The ties are convincing in green, maroon and even yellow shades, usually loosened by a subtle pattern.

This results in a stylish combination of color and texture, which contributes to the fact that your own favorite pieces can be used in different outfits. Ryan Gosling also manages to show Sebastian Wilder that there are far more suit colors like gray and navy, which can be worn in everyday life.

Shirts with a collar-collar collar can be seen in La La Land often. As early as last spring, they once again entered the fashion world.Mostly in combination with wild flower patterns, fancy shades or other eye-catching designs. The camp-collar shirts worn by Sebastian Wilder are a trace of discreet and restrained.

If you want to incorporate these into your outfit, it is recommended to wear them in combination with a white T-shirt with a round neckline underneath, a wide suit jacket or a plain jeans. In the shoes you have the choice between sneakers, derbies or Loafer. Depending on the style you are looking for. That in the summer the sleeves are turned up, does not it?

An absolute view in La La Land are the shoes of Sebastian Wilder.Multi-colored brogues in black and white, definitely chic to look at.If you like it a little discreet, you can use less contrasting colors.The film shows us, however, that shoes do not have to be dull in color. Subtle colors like black and oxblood or the combination of a bright with a darker blue tone can work wonderfully.

The style of Ryan Gosling as Sebastian Wilder is determined not only by his chosen clothes, but also by his hairstyle. Wilder uses a variant of the Quiff. Personally, I would classify his style into the classical class, which comes with a little more length. Thus, the classic variation of the hairspray-as the quiff in German means-is based on the corresponding length at the back and the sides. At the same time, however, a clean, sharp hair attachment should remain.See the previous article for more information.

Garments In The Style Of Sebastian Wilder From La La Land

If the style of Sebastian Wilder has addressed you, then I have just the right for you. After a little searching and browsing, I found some clothes, shoes and accessories that fit well with his look and could be worn by him.