Student Creates Waterproof T-Shirt, Which Is Washable

Who never spilled wine on my clothes? Well, your problems are over!

Text with free translation of The Huffington Post.

When Aamir Patel, 20, saw the amazing viral videos to NeverWet – a product that you can spray on just about anything and make it water proof – he was addicted. That is, until he read the warning label.

“Like many people, I was mesmerized by NeverWet and Ultra sprays, which became viral on YouTube,” said Patel at The Huffington Post. “I bought a can to apply on a shirt. After using it around for about 1 hour, I began to experience dizziness and shortness of breath. I looked at the back of the Tin and I was shocked to read the warning label, said the product was carcinogenic and had serious side effects.”

As notes site BuzzFeed, ingest the material can cause permanent brain damage. But potential health concern was not the only problem that Patel noted.

“When you put your shirt in the washing machine to soften it for the spray have left the tough texture and sticky,” he said. “Immediately, the shirt was ruined.” Patel, sophomore from De Anza College, decided he could do better.

Now, he launched the project “Kickstarter to Silica”t-shirts that he claims to be soft, safe and washable. And if your video is real, the clothes can take a lot of Gatorade.

“I knew there had to be a way to make a product that was safe for consumer use and resistant to washing cycles,” he said.

Patel claims that silica, shirts must bear about of 80 washes. Instead of a coating, is made of woven fibers with silica so that hydrophobic shirt inside out. Patel suggests that this process also gives the antimicrobial quality shirts, removing sweat stains and mildew.

“We use a polyester fabric similar to that you’d find in a Nike shirt,” said Patel.”It’s very soft and nanotechnology does not change your feeling, since it is not a surface coating.”

He doesn’t make the cuts. Patel has partnered with Rebecca Clark, formerly of Vera Wang, to deal with the default and design, and – just to have more safety – the shirts have the seal Blue Sign, approved by safety and sustainability.

Check out the campaign of the “Kickstarter of silica”, and see the shirt in action in the video above. NOTE: Yes, it is washable, it only avoids accidents, like the wine you love fall on our clothes.