Striped Tablecloths

Nothing like to gather family and friends around the table for delicious meals and create memorable family moments. Be on special occasions or routine situations, rely on a well-mounted table and decorated tastefully is as essential as the preparation of delicious recipes. For breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee or dinner, striped tablecloth is ideal for your home.

The most beautiful table decorations coordinate colors, design and style tablecloth, dishes and other accessories to create beautiful meals at tables with everything you need. Count on striped tablecloth to make lovely combinations on several occasions. The brings amazing tips for decorations full of charm and also to inspire you to decorate with the towel striped table.

Striped Tablecloth on the Day

The meals of the day to day is the ideal time to put the catch up with family, tell about the job or studies and stay on top of all the news. The striped tablecloth can be the perfect ally to accompany these moments.

For cafes cheerful morning, choose the towel colorful striped table by combining two or more colors that will take much more life to meals. Whether through a tablecloth or even a practical striped placemat , this pattern ensures the style of routine meals.

Adorning the scene with flowers in some of the tones that make up the striped tablecloth can make it even more inviting environment. The same goes for the choice of crockery and other utensils that will make the service, which may appear in a tone that matches the towel color scheme striped table or even choose the purity of porcelain pieces that match any decor and take a lot of refinement to the table.

Charm in Special Events

The striped tablecloth also has guaranteed place in events like special dinners and celebratory occasions. Be inspired by the navy charm to create a striped table full of charm, combining colors like white, navy blue and red.

The striped tablecloth also shows an excellent way to make the most beautiful Christmas: for that, bet on the shades of red, green, white and gold, typical of the Christmas decor.

Mix Prints

The striped tablecloth is the ideal accessory to create unusual table decorations and beautiful. Mixing prints is able to leave any towel much more current striped table.

Floral prints of poá or even totally innovative patterns combine well with the towel striped table, whether they are in tableware, napkins and other accessories that make up the table. Look for matching at least one of each color pattern or dare to associate opposite and complementary colors. With the towel striped table, the taste will be present at every meal.