Stockholm Shopping: Hidden Gems

In the third part of the article series on Stockholm’s shopping life, we take a look at the more unknown stores in Stockholm, the hidden gems.

Slatgo & Clemenza Västmannagatan 79
We understand that some of you wondered: “Is it some thing to have, that ‘ Hat shop ‘ in Vasastan?” And here come the comebacks: why haven’t more discovered it?

Slatgo & Clemenza is a just over a year old shop where you can find 250 different products from New York Hat & Cap co., so the rumors about the many hats is not taken out of the air.Here is the whole Gram Designs autumn collection and this may to late spring a bag of 42 000. The former two brands distributed in Sweden by the shop, hence the least abundant supply. And the bag is a tailored Briefcase, which in itself is loose “only” a few hundred dollars. It is the bag’s content, the price to soar: twelve pieces screenprint á 70 x 100 cm, where the starting point is the photographs taken in New York by photographer Richard Ryan, who is also one of the owners of the store. The other named Joe Lacy. The name is a story in itself, a kind of internal joke, where Richard is Slatgo (taken from the film the Godfather) and Patrick Clemenza (inspired by a Polish Gypsies).

The store also features bags from Grevius and neckties, pocket squares and cufflinks from Ulterior Motive. In addition, three clock models from Swedish Ezteem, who is hot in New York currently (but publicized on Manolo already in september last year) and hand-sewn, embroidered sneakers (2500) from designerkollektivet also drew the attention of the Supreme Being. Here at LISTOFUSNEWSPAPERS you can get more different models and styles.

The odd hours, Wednesday-Saturday, is due to the venue’s only business on a part-time basis. The rest of the time used it as a photo studio and showroom. Slatgo & Clemenza should be “a coalition of fashion, curiosities and pressure” and the works of art and fun accessories that decorate the shop is not just there for show. Most are also available for sale as of this spring, it is thought that an entire room will be devoted to just the art.

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Speakeasy Rörstrandsgatan 44
This is truly a hidden gem among Stockholm’s shops, situated far up on rörstrandsgatan, from S: T Eriksplan. Too remotely located, it has been found. About a month moving throughout the store to Artillery Street and becomes neighbor with fashionable artillerigatan 2 when it opens its doors at number 4. That shop resembles that of Katitzi on hantverkargatan, with a rather restricted selection of clothing that mixed up with second hand clothing. The sale is going on right now for as little as possible will come along to Östermalm is worth a visit. 50-70% on almost everything in the store and still with a good selection of pieces remaining.

Labels are in autumn been stuck from S.N.S., stylish from Samsøe & Samsøe, everything possible from Busnel, exciting upstarts as Our Legacy, Modern Amusement, You Must Create (YMC), shoes from Date and accessories from Jefferson & Williams. And so a second hand Department, which actually belongs to the city’s best, although it is quite limited.

How brand offer looks to spring remains to be seen, but many of the brands that existed earlier promises to come back. An online store is also in the planning stage and until the move you have (further) a sale going on!

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Perry Como Bergsundsstrand 32
The establishment of the success story Street at hornstulls Strand has been unimaginable consequences for the Perry Como on nearby Street bergsundsstrand. They have no cooperation, but it’s a well known fact that “people draws people.”

This is Hanna and Hannes for almost two years been running his shop. A store which over time developed its range from pretty much street wear to a more and more dressy variety.It has established the Swedes as Cheap Monday, Hope and S together with newer Nina Jarebrink, the enemy and Cica Triz. It is also found that S.N. ‘s and Ulterior Motive, jeans from Edwin and sneakers from Umbro by Kim Jones. And so dare to bet and on some odd marks as Penfield (street-inspired jackets from the United States), Delirius Monkey (t-shirts from Finland) and Malling & Mihai (Danish bags that raises have requests). Part of the art on the walls that are for sale as well as books in the window. And partly to its own collection, Perry Come On, with so far only tjejkläder, but where a men’s collection is planned for next spring.

Finally, even clothes from British 6876, drew the attention of the US in the past, at the entrance to the spring.