Step by Step Scholarships

The stock market is a necessary accessory for women, after all they need to carry several objects both for a day’s work for a walk. That is why there are bags of various sizes, models and colors. 
This article takes up a large space in the fashion industry, for each season are released new trends handbags. In addition, there are also marks became known for offering only this type of product. But in addition to buying, anyone can create this accessory as your taste, a tip is to invest in recyclable materials to make this type of clothing. Check below how to do step by step exchanges.

To make a handle with milk cartons for use in ballad, start separating around eight boxes. This number can vary depending on the size of the article that will be produced.

Then with the aid of scissors cut the ends and the bottom of all boxes, the wash to remove any leftover milk. Let it dry for approximately 4 hours.

Now a four boxes on one side and paste them forming a rectangle, do the same with the remaining boxes. Take a dive into the medium brush sealer and apply inside of boxes, i.e. silver side. Let dry for 1 hour.

In the following step pass the sealer on the other side of the boxes, expect the drying time. Then a medium brush on white fabric paint and apply on both sides of the rectangles, place them in an airy place to dry.

Dip a small brush in black ink and draw loops on the outside of the boxes. Once again put rectangles to dry. In the cut edges to make them rounded. Get the glue and one the two parties forming the pouch. At this stage the drying time is 3 hours.

To complete the process of creating eco-bag apply waterproofing spray over the entire surface of the article.With the help of a box cutter to make a round cut on both sides of accessory.

Using thumbtacks as or glue attach a metal ring in the place where it was held court. Finally insert a metallic chain of thirty centimeters through the hoop. The handle can be modeled according to your taste, if you will reduce some hooks to make it smaller. In addition, other extensions can also be made on the outside of the bag.