Step by Step Guide to Makeup

Makeup can seem difficult, but when we have a step by step makes it much easier. Anyway, the weekend is almost always accompanied by that special occasion or a good party, and nothing better than getting out of the House with a visual amazing that makes you feel even more beautiful. Come to think of it, did the step by step to a perfect makeup for the night, that will make you shine.

Step by step

STEP 1: after applying the base, select the face with correction in a lighter tone below the eyes, Chin, in the Centre of the forehead and cheekbones. On the side of the forehead, leaving the tip of the ear, make a diagonal stroke in this same part of Apple.

STEP 2: blow the markings and apply the dust. Use a facial illuminator gold above the cheekbone, taking a little to the side.

STEP 3: use a blush bronzer in the same region in which we made the markup and also a bit on the front side of the cheek, to ensure the Tan and healthy-looking.

STEP 4: Navy Blue Metallic with a pencil, scratch all the mobile eyelid and then spread it with your fingers to go up in smoke.

STEP 5: apply over a metallic powder blue eye shadow, concentrating the product especially at the outer corner of the eye.

STEP 6: from the inside corner to the center of the mobile eyelid, use a blue-green iridescent pigment to open the look.

STEP 7: apply a shimmery white shadow near the eyebrow.

STEP 8: gel eyeliner superpreto circumvents the look.

STEP 9: to darken the shade of blue, use a bit of black shadow and vanish in a more concentrated at the outer corner.

STEP 10: blow also the lower eyelid to the center of the eye, teaming up with the work below.

STEP 11: the inside corner to the Center, use the same green shade previously applied on the upper lid.

STEP 12: finish with a touch of gold glitter.

Expert Tips for a perfect make

Don’t miss the tone

To make the skin, it is very important to show the colour of the neck, the neck and arms, because, often, people use more sunscreen on the face, resulting in a lighter skin in this region and the rest of the body Tan. To get the tone right, approach the forearm to the face, neck and cervix and analyze how much you need to darken the face so that the tone be less different. Do not darken much, just smooth out the difference.

Cover your ears

The region’s eyes darkened and leaving the tired expression? Many Brunettes have dark circles and are desperate to disguise them. A cool tip is to use a lighter shade, as Pearly beige, in the inside corner of the eye. Brown tones can be used for merging the outside corner and, if you want to use in the mobile eyelid all, prefer bronze or golden brown tones, did emphasize even more the brightness in his eyes.

Master trick

Use post Illuminators-a lighter on the sides of the face and another bronze on the cheeks. In addition to creating a healthy image, leaves his wife Super-Duper sexy. Bet!