Stand Alone Luxvision Dvr Recorder For 8 Security Cameras

Dvr stand alone 8 channels Luxvision with AHD technology and access of images via Internet.
Currently the image with good definition has become increasingly important so that it can identify more details in the recording.
This AHD stand alone DVR allows you to use conventional analog cameras and AHD mega pixel cameras.
For storage of the images it is necessary to connect a HD (not included) inside the DVR, it accepts HD from 300 GB to 2 TB with Sata II connection.


Luxvision is a “Brazilian” company manufacturer of electronic security products focused mainly on CCTV and Alarm.

Founded in 2010, it is already recognized nationally as one of the largest security companies in Brazil.

Based in Curitiba in Paraná, the brand operates in the main cities of Brazil through its distributors, serving the entire national market.

Luxvision currently has more than 200 officially authorized distributors.

The company stands out for its environmental concern especially in the manufacture of its products that are ecologically correct, since they comply with the directives of the Rohs Compliant Seal, known as the law of the unleaded.

Besides the environmental concern, the brand offers technical courses of installation and maintenance of its equipment to its customers.

Another advantage is the very low level of only 0.2% RMA (data provided by Luxvision) and the rapid return of products under maintenance.

The company works with major alarm and cftv products such as security cameras, stand alone dvr, infrared cameras, ip cameras, speed domes, barrier sensors, active alarm sensors, passive alarm sensors etc.

Always looking for improvements in their products the Luxvision is all ears and always responds positively to the feedbacks of customers on their handsets.

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A Brief Description of the Product

Video Channels: 08 BNC.
Audio Channels: 01 RCA.
Image Quality: AHD-M (1280 × 720).
Cellular access: CIF.
Smart Hybrid: IP, Analog, and AHD.
Hard drive: 01 HD (up to 4TB sata 2/3).
Recording: Motion and continuous.
DDNS Access: Free, with the possibility of registering up to 50 domains (by register).
Cloud Access: Free. Easy remote access, no need for port redirection.
Software for cellular access: Luxvision Mobile (IOS and Android).
Bidirectional Audio: Communication between Luxvision Mobile and DVR / HVR / NVR via audio.
Video output: HDMI and VGA.

Uma previa Technical specifications of the stand-alone dvr recorder Luxvision AHD-M:

Main processor: High performance microprocessor.
Operating system: Linux.
Pentaplex: Real-time visualization, recording, playback, remote access and backup.
Video inputs: 08 BNC channels.
Audio Inputs: 01 RCA channels.
Resolution: AHD-M (1280 x 720).
Recording Rate: 26 frames per camera.
Video Compression: H264.
Video standard: NTSC / PAL.
Recording modes: Motion and continuous.
Recording search: Packages and time.
Video output: HDMI and VGA.
Screen divisions: 1/4/8/9.
Video output resolution (HDMI and VGA): 1024 × 768, 1280 × 720, 1280 × 1024, 1440 × 900, 1920 × 1080.
Audio output: 01 RCA output.
Audio Compression: G.711.
Storage: 01 HD (up to 4TB sata 2/3).
Network: RJ45 10M / 100M Base – TX.
USB ports: 02 USB interfaces.
Onvif: 2.0.
Mouse: Yes.
Operating interface: USB mouse.
Backup: External HD and Pendrive.
Remote access: Via the smartphone (iOS and Android), Internet Explorer browser and CMS system.
Simultaneous users remotely: 10 users.
Power supply: 12 VDC.
Consumption: 480mA (without HD).
Operating Temperature: -10 ° to 55 ° C.
Atmospheric pressure: 86Kpa ~ 106Kpa.
Dimension: 255mm (L) x 45mm (A) x 255mm (C).
Weight: 1 kg (Without HD).