Stamped Tablecloths

Valuing every aspect of everyday life is essential to have a fuller and comfortable life. Even things which do not give much attention can make all the difference, as simply create a pleasant atmosphere at home, at mealtimes, and in addition to good food, a well-decorated table, not only satisfy the body and mind your family and guests. The printed tablecloth is ideal for this as it is cheerful, practical and very stylish.

The patterned tablecloth can be found more in the endless reasons, and is not just for the family life, but also for special occasions when the house is full of guests and fun. It changes the atmosphere of any meal and leaves the lighter and relaxed atmosphere. Check the Loverists for the best tips to make your bold and cozy home at all times, ready to receive many more guests!

Stamped Tablecloth materials and Themes

The patterned tablecloth can be made ​​of various materials, most of which is made ​​with cotton or polyester, fiber versatile and widely used in the decoration of environments. The fabric can be mild or relatively heavy, choose the model that best match the occasion.

The patterned tablecloth can still go through beneficiation processes to make the product fully or nearly waterproof, easy cleaning product and avoiding stains caused by the constant fall of oils, sauces, drinks and food scraps.

As for the themes, the printed tablecloth can have themed patterns for birthday parties, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year. To brighten the day to day, models with floral pattern, vintage designs, like those found in her grandmother’s house when you were a child (fruit, vegetables and edibles in general) are super attractive.

For those who enjoy more basic decorations or prints more classic, the patterned tablecloth can be plaid, striped, geometric or with polka dots of various sizes (poá). The Paisley pattern is one that leaves no very charming environment.

And do not think the printed table towel can only have one theme. Many models mix different patterns, creating fun pieces that are the face of many families.

Decorating with Tablecloth Stamped

The choice of patterned tablecloth should take into consideration the kind of occasion that will be celebrated, is an informal lunch with friends, a family dinner or simply a Christmas breakfast everyday for you and the people who live together. The table decoration is the perfect invitation for everyone to sit and be comfortable.

The size of printed tables towel must be appropriate for the dimensions of the mobile, and 25 to 30 cm more on each side of the cover. Below it, place a guard to protect the table and maintain smooth and fixed towel and reduce the noise caused by the beating of plates, cutlery and glasses.

Combine the printed tablecloth with other elements used during the meal, such as napkins and placemats, or plates, cutlery and vases decorated in the same theme or color.

Have a beautiful towel emblazoned table to the party with your friends!