Sony Xperia XZ1 in the Test

Sony speed

Conclusion of the 29.09.2017

The Sony Xperia XZ1 is not only in our test a good figure and that, because it is the first phone that has already installed from Android 8 delivery. The Smart phone react, possesses a high great screen and good battery life – if not spectacular -. But Sony has not jumped on the current train of rimless displays. The photo quality is okay, here, other top models have partly but to offer more. Also the battery charging time could be better. A nice party gimmick is that the Xperia XZ1 can make 3D models of faces. Below-the-line Sony delivers a top product in known design.

Xperia XZ1 test: great Sony phone, well-known design

Apparently Sony fans thus have to take, that the manufacturer wants to turn away not quite from its venerable Xperia design. Anyone looking for frameless smart phones, is so far not find them on the models of the Japanese manufacturer in the year 2017. Maybe Sony dare something new on his 2018er models times. Xperia fans get only better, what they know – custom people are for it right here? According to, great processing, for example: like all current Sony smart phones also the Xperia XZ1 is just fine. It is made of aluminum, the matte surface of which is verunziert by grease stains.

Also, our silver Tester reflects differently than Xperia XZ premium not. The discreet look like us better. There is no annoying gaps, and the rounded frame feels pleasant. Sony has accommodated by the way stereo speaker on the front, that sound pretty good and are a bit better than the mono speaker of the Galaxy S8.

Xperia XZ1 is a very fast Smartphone

The strong leadership of the Snapdragon-835-processor is beyond all doubt. He works with eight cores and maximum 2.45 GHz clock frequency and is one of the most powerful currently available mobile processors. You can tell not only in everyday life, because the device opens apps really fast, and are in the system and demanding websites liquid and smart scroll makes it. Also our performance tests certify the processor perform very well: so the Xperia XZ1 invites our test Web page, for example, in 4.5 seconds – the Galaxy S8, however, took 8.5 seconds. Also that HTC U11, where also the Snapdragon 835 is, required with 5.5 seconds a little bit longer. The measure of all things is at the moment but that in this iPhone 8.

Called the performance of the processor, the Smartphone heats up noticeably. You will already notice this when browsing, this is really clear, but when using the camera. The XZ1 is not unusual or unpleasant hot, heat is still striking.

Good battery life, but…

The battery life will bring most users easily throughout the day. In our online runtime test, in which we automatically on a Web page scroll and play videos, the 2,700-milliamp hour battery last ordinary 9:35 hours. This puts the XZ1 at the level of the Galaxy S8. It goes but shows significantly better as, for example, the compact version: because the smaller Xperia XZ1 compact runs great 13:44 hours in the test.

Unfortunately it takes despite rapid charging almost three hours to charge the battery fully. Other smartphones can do it partly in half of the time with similar large battery.

Top display with good anti-reflective coating

Very well, we like the image quality: the screen offers a good compromise between handling and multimedia enabled image size with its screen size of 5.15 inches. Content can be clearly read, as the display is a good anti-reflective and on the other with 607 cd / m bright shines square, if it needs even under bright light. Sony is an excellent LCD, covering nearly 130 percent of the standard RGB color space. It can be richer and differentiated content so something as normal LCDs, but not quite the level of OLED panels. White areas look natural – there’s no abnormalities.

The resolution is full HD at 1920 x 1080 pixels, so. The result is a good pixel density of 428 ppi. Other high-end models bring content partly but with over 500 ppi on the screen, no longer perceive but the advantage of focus in everyday life, but only when using a VR glasses.

Camera with blur shortcoming

Although Sony image sensors provides for million smartphones, the Xperia models digicams offer not quite the quality of some other high-end models, above all that of the HTC U11. The same image sensor inside the Xperia XZ1 as in the XZ premium, but controls the Sony with a newer firmware. The cam shoots photos in high resolution by 19 megapixels. In good light conditions and simple motifs, one can similarly deep zoom and enlarge details.

Sony tries to counter the flashy image noise with a blur rising to game to works resulting in textures leveled up and some slightly washed-out images. That the manufacturer sets then again a sharpness filter, which creates sometimes unusual pattern.

Our lab results confirm these problems: in our soft focus-test the Xperia XZ1 brings only around 60 percent of detail fidelity that’s achieved with simple motifs. This is mediocre. That Google pixel XL and HTC U11 offer here, for example, about 90 percent. It is also a pity that Sony dispenses with an optical image stabilizer. The fast auto focus is managed. So, for example, quickly moving subjects in the burst mode can be photographed almost entirely focused.

Up to 960-fps slow motion

For video recording, the Smartphone offers an electronic image stabilization, called the Sony SteadyShot. Unfortunately the so-called but not access Active mode with 5-axis stabilization only when full HD videos at 30 frames per second, intelligent at full HD 60 fps or 4 K or UHD. Ultra high resolution video clips can record at 30 frames per second. SteadyShot makes a good impression in our test. If one has enabled the feature in the menu of the camera and moves during a full HD 30 fps video recording, the image remains pleasantly quiet.

Alternatively, users can create slow-motion in HD resolution at 120 frames per second, or super slow motion with 960 frames per second. This extreme slow motion limited also the recording HD resolution but on a much smaller screen area.

The effect is pretty cool, the technique has some drawbacks. A noise the recordings often very strongly; the quality leaves often so require. On the other hand, Sony decelerated only 0,184 seconds after pressing the corresponding button. This reflects the XZ1 as well as the XZ premium then in 5.9 seconds. Unfortunately a bit, which reduces the usefulness of this feature.

Android 8 to 3D-Scan-Funktion added

One of the eye-catching features of Xperia XZ1 – at least on paper – is the latest Android-version 8.0. Sony is the first company to bring a Smartphone with Android 8 on the market. For Google’s reference devices such as the pixel Android 8 since mid-August by update is available. The patch level of the Xperia XZ1 dated to August, is also current at the time of the test. Sony will provide with updates the device probably two years.

Despite Android 8, the system acts typical of Sony familiar because the manufacturer puts on it its own user interface. It is not intrusive and mainly through modified icons. The system now indicated by a small dot on the symbols missed calls and messages. And who long press icons, opens a small mini window for further options. Also, there now is a picture in picture mode if apps support it. That’s nice, but not revolutionary.