Sony Offers Iphone Alternatives

With the new Xperia-Z3 smart-phones, Sony offers two interesting iPhone alternatives. Especially the Compact is a small seducer for Apple-dropouts. You must have but not before used an iPhone like those fancy things.

To keep pace with technical development and always competitive smart phones on sale, Sony has decided every six months to update its Xperia-Z-series. At the IFA in Berlin, the Japanese already introduced the third generation which again also has a compact alternative. At the end of February Z2-premiere in Barcelona, Sony showed not a compact, small Z1 was also only the beginning of the year on the market. The screen of the Compact has grown by 4.3 to 4.6 inches, where the housing was just a touch thicker.

As the great model the compact Xperia Z3 on the front has stereo speakers, which is why it sounds better than smartphones, the only speaker on the back or bottom. You have good headphones, Sony’s Walkman app pays in addition, which has some very useful sound improvements on board.

Three Significant Differences

Both smartphones are technically identical. Sony takes a different path than the Android competitors, whose “Minis” are stripped down mid-range devices in this respect. As well as in the Z3 smartphones, there are three significant differences: the 4.6 inch display of the Compact has a lower resolution, its frame is made out of plastic rather than aluminum, and the battery has a lower capacity.

This is not necessarily disadvantages. The slightly transparent, colorless plastic, for example, pretty looks good especially the colorful models as it shine through the colors of the housing.The Smartphone is also non-slip edging very safe in the hand and when it falls down yet again, the plastic protects the glass front and back much better than the aluminum frame of the large Z3. The lower display resolution, the Z3 compact consumes even less power, making it virtually as long as its big brother.

The Large Display Is Better

The screens of both Z3 models are very good, in comparison, the 5.2-inch full-HD display reflected but significantly better. Although also the pixel density of 319 ppi for the compact enough to display all content without visible pixels. But the hochauflösendere display has better contrast, represents more natural colors and lights brighter. In addition, the Compact has a slight yellow tint.

The differences fall but only if both devices side by side and the screen of the compact prima is alone considered a higher pixel density would maybe not have enough advantages brought to a higher power consumption justify. At the angles, both Xperias are strong, seen from the side, their displays are still perfectly readable, darken just a little.

Round and robust

When the design changes, Sony has made small but proper steps. The Japanese also at the big unit have focused on the frame. So, its corners are now to protect of the glass surface made of plastic and the bevelled edges of the Z1 were replaced by pleasantly rounded sides, where volume rocker and camera shutter stand out not more so strong. In addition, the power button has lost his mount. Of course, also the new Xperias are water – and dust-proof and as usual from Sony, the processing is tiptop. Unfortunately the designers but nothing against the extremely slippery backs have taken, why the devices even without any problems can loosen from a tabletop.

Terms of performance include Sony’s Xperia Z3 and Z3 to the absolute top of the Smartphone. In the AnTuTu benchmark, they are neck and neck with the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5. The larger model can conquer even rank # 1 with three gigabytes of memory. The compact cuts off with only two gigabyte weaker RAM something, is strong enough but still for the top 3. This impressive good the run-time of the equipment. Two days, as advertised by Sony, hang the Smartphones probably only with very restrained use and activated energy saving function. In the test, the charging stand with exceptionally high stress without power declined in 15 hours on 30 percent. So, do expect that the Smartphones with trained battery in the cut loose one and a half days without plug come out. The Xperias play in the same league as battery champion Huawei Ascend Mate 7, that its record levels achieved with weaker processor and saving mode by default enabled.

Hot Camera

The performance of the 20 megapixel camera has remained unchanged compared to the Xperia Z2. This means that it belongs to the top class.Especially if it bypasses the actually very reliable “intelligent auto” and selects a mode itself or deals with the manual settings. Especially for shots or low light conditions you should not trust the automatic. Who picks up 4K-Videos or makes multiple shooting together with other Xperia devices, will be warned that the camera overheating could take a break. But only about eight minutes of continuous rotation, the temperature is critical which is rare in everyday life.

Not only in 4K-Videos you should have necessarily put a microSD card thereby chosen as main memory. Because with 16 gigabytes of internal memory much too short for a Smartphone of the upper class is. Eight gigabytes available were just on the fully equipped test devices for recording and my documents.

The bottom line, a small, but quite successful update succeeded Sony with the Xperia Z3. For iPhone upgraders, where Apple’s new devices have become too powerful, especially the new compact is interesting. It is more convenient to use with one hand, has but a 4.6-inch large display and powerful lot of steam under the hood. And visually you can also see with the neat Sony smartphone-even in the swimming pool.