So Your Watch Becomes the Remote Control

A Smartwatch can display more than just text message:with the right apps and interfaces control more about the clock lamps, LED stripes, television and much. We show you what you need for the intelligent home control via clock.

Currently the here presented Smartwatch remote with watches under Android, for which there is a Tasker join, only works because the app takes over the actual control Tasker. According to Chronologicalwatches, you can each any watch Android wear as well as the Pebble in her smart embed home. With the Apple Watch currently it doesn’t. There are, however, various options for the actual device control. Very easy integration about via HTML command works. Some devices can be directly, Yamaha, for example, relies on HTML (receivers, etc.) for the remote control. Tasker plugins such as “AutoHue”, with which to integrate into Tasker Philips-hue-lights are another solution.
However, smart, practical All-In-one solutions are home gateways that communicate about via HTML. These gateways include among others, the tested by us Mediola AIO gateway V4, the Fibaro Home Center 2, HomeMatic CCU2, self construction solutions like the raspberry PI and many others. The advantage of such a gateway is support of many devices with different technologies of radio (433 MHz, 868 MHz, infrared, etc.), which you operate by Smartwatch.

Tasker:Commands for creating smart home control

For a simple example, we use an already furnished Mediola gateway that controls an LED Strip with infrared receiver: see Tasker you first create a new command under “Tasks”. To do this, click on the plus icon and a name such as “LED on”. A further click on the plus icon and choose of the path the following “network |” HTTP get”. See “Server: port” the gateway address comes out now, the transmission command must be “Path”, which differs depending on the gateway and to use device. More detailed information can be found in the manufacturer’s instructions. For example, resemble the infrared commands of Mediola gateway: “command? code = IR-code & XC_FNC0Send2”. Then, save the command and test it with a tap on the play icon. The institution worked, you create a second task, you call, for example, “LED off”, and enter the same command – that was it.

Smartwatch:Tasker connection set

Now, it takes only a Smartwatch app for Tasker. The Pebble “Pebble Tasker” is a very easy-to-set-up application, because you must select only the appropriate tasks that you want to use on the clock – more configurations are not required, you can get started so immediately. There is also a series of Tasker-apps, including “AutoWear”, “WearTasker”, and “Tasker for Wear” for Android wear.
You can include all other devices under tasker and control via Smartwatch in principle presented here.