So It Looks, If a Professional Manicure Goes Wrong!

Who goes to the professional beautician, hopes for beautiful and manicured nails. but i’m also neatly next to it, as these pictures prove.

Most women want to treat it from time to time something, go to the beautician. Because: Of course you can perform most beauty treatments themselves. But you want to let Yes sometimes sit back and indulge. Also, you have to do it, who know exactly what they are doing with professionals. And who seeks out a manicure, which expects that he an hour with beautifully painted and manicured nails again goes after home. So is the theory at least.

Not every beauty treatment seems to run after this pattern. That must learn the British Emma Jones on the own body. Almost 20.000 users on Facebook admire their manicures-fail.

How It Came To This Horror Nails?

According to Emma Jones, she’s told the beautician, she wanted some polished nails with metallic paint. At first glance, the nail designer has of course meets the desire. But somehow it seems to have painted with nail bed and cuticle directly. Also the nails seem unnaturally fat.Although round, but beaded. Not to say, the look seems to be somehow three-dimensional. This one definitely different imagined the customer!

“In the Salon I was completely distracted, because I told about my Turkey holiday, from which I just came back. Then I walked out of the salon and I sat in my car and thought to myself, what has been provided to the hell with my fingernails”,

The rescue to happiness is at home. Her aunt, who is also Nagedesignerin, save the nails of her niece. You again grinds off the nails and makes her a natural nail shape – including professional treatment. By the way: For this “accident”, the customer must pay still proud 35 pounds (equivalent approx. 40 euro).

Mishap or not, there is still beauty treatments that should necessarily be taken over by the professional.