So Fix Your Tent

Look also already expected to spring? The camping season is once again upon us and that means that you should get your camping stuff from the solder or basement! It may happen that you discover when you check your tent, your tent things that are broken or missing. It’s broken through a tent pole or discover a hole in the tent. What now? Have to now throw away your beautiful tent? No, of course not. I give you a few tips for the small repairs on your tent with lots of fun thing.

Repair fiber glass rod

Is a fiberglass Rod broke you? Don’t worry, because a glass fiber rod is easy to repair. Often, it is not necessary that you buy a brand new rod, but can simply replace a single segment. To do this, use a set glass fibre Rod parts. In some tents, some rubber and spare parts are supplied. We have created a video where you can see exactly how you repair a fiber glass rod. Would you rather read how you repair a fiber glass rod, then read our guide.

Small reparations on the cloth

You can also fine repair small cracks or holes in the canvas. For synthetic materials, self-adhesive patch for tent fabric are available. You can easily bring this patch in a broken place. We recommend that to make on both sides of the cloth. The self-adhesive fabric is water resistant and we have its function in the rain. Look self adhesive patch for tent fabric and tear aid product. For baumwollenes canvas or a blend, you can use flick fabric iron-on. This kind of cloth is available in different colours. As the name suggests, take this towel with an iron.

Small repair of the ground sheet

For a ground cloth, you can the same method as for synthetic canvas handle. Do you have a ground sheet of PVC? Then, you can repair the body with a small piece of PVC and PVC glue.

Leak at the seams

Have an elt with synthetic cloth and it is leaking at the seams? Then use the seam sealer. Anyway, I recommend customers take with seam sealer. Seam sealer is a liquid and is hard, after you have installed the agent. In this way, you bring a permanent sealing layer. Leaks at the seams of a cotton tent or a blended fabric, seam sealer is not the solution. Then use impregnation spray.

Leakage at the cloth

There is leakage on the cloth at your tent? You can fix this problem easily. Most tents have to be impregnated again once in a few years. There are people who do that and never have leakage, but we recommend our customers already to impregnate your tent. Anyway, it is not damage. For synthetic tents, you can use for example Synthproof from WME in cotton tents anchor extra and mixed Pretentine. There are also impregnation sprays available, but if you want to impregnate an entire tent completely on the new, polyhobbies recommends the above products. However, it is recommended that you have a pack of impregnation spray it for emergencies.

Zipper runs tough

Run the your tent zippers tough? Use then dry PTFE spray or silicone spray. After treatment with such a spray, it is going to again smooth up the zipper. We recommend that to make, if you want that your zippers have a long service life. But beware that you spray not on the canvas.

I hope you can give a second life with these tips your tent. Do you have more tips that we don’t have listed here?