Smartphone Using the Camera

Plus a simple exercise in style that a practical application that can replace a real fingerprint reader, after all App lock Finger Print also works excellently, however as a method of unlocking the practicality is not exactly his forte.

App lock Finger Print use the rear camera smartphone to get a snapshot of a few fingers to be used then to access certain functions of the device, as fingerprint unlocking and more.

In practice you will have a fingerprint reader through rear camera, with which you can unlock your smartphone, or block access to certain areas such as system settings, contacts, email and much more.

Extremely easy to use, during the first opening, lock App Finger Print requires a picture of a few fingers depending on the hand that you choose. Are subsequently taken a series of macro that extracts the actual readings of fingerprints to store them and learn them, so use them then to take actions such as those mentioned earlier. Click for more information.

Having to use the camera every time is not exactly the best as an experience of use, however, the fact that it is fairly accurate rewards definitely work done by this developer, that’s more the also has free Play Store.