Smartphone Huawei

A simple application you can download from Play Store can make change look to Huawei devices carrying the Emui. After trying it on 7 Honor and now also on the new Mate S say that Huawei is an application still in beta, so don’t fully functional in every respect, but that is still able to break the monotony of the usual themes preinstalled on Smartphones with Emui (or to bypass the blockage of IDHuawei need to download them on devices imported from China).As regards the verson of Emui, the application works with all versions, even those below the 3.0 but with certain limitations to the latter (such as changing the drop-down list of notifications is not successful).

The application is a true creator of themes, to be customized in every aspect, including even the colors of the app Whatsapp. But let’s go with order. Once you download the application you will need to create your own theme step by step.

First you will have to name the theme, choose the font (which in truth is the only thing that doesn’t work for now) and start choosing the package and the shape of the icons that will form your theme.

After choosing the appearance of the icons you must treat the portion of the wallpaper and the screen lock by choosing also the color and background to be given to the settings.

You can also customize every single aspect of the topic, from the drop-down list of notifications by choosing a background and color for the clock app, wallpaper, weather widget. Also in section Framework and System UI you can change the network signal icon, WiFi, battery icon and the button bar to display available really really cute.

Thanks to a plugin you can change look even to Whatsapp by changing the slash and the color. Actually the plugin is free for the first three edits after this you can buy it anyway at a price of just over a euro.

The theme created will work alongside those downloaded my themes section of your smartphone. To see some changes will also require a reboot.

Applaud developers because it is the first application available from Google Play can change a proprietary interface and special attention you notice also frequent updates, adding new features such as live editor.