Smartphone-Controlled Trainer Launched

Gadgets: Wahoo Fitness introduces a new type of trainer that can be controlled via your iPhone.

KICKR Power Trainer called the machine that promises accurate measurement of output power in watt, resistance controlled by your iPhone and a solid flywheel that delivers realistic ball of inertia. The rear wheel is mounted on your bike and are replaced by trainers. Virtual Training is also available where you can compete with friends all over the world.

KICKR themselves:

– Wahoo Fitness KICKR power trainer is the world’s first Iphone-based inomhustrainer.Take off there rear tire and mount the fixed cycle on the machine to get the exact watt-measurement, iPhone-controlled resistance and by far the quietest inomhustrainern ever made.

KICKR communicates both with BT 4.0 (bluetooth smart) to all newer Apple devices but also via ANT + with an ANT + dongle to your PC.

Precise watt measurements:

Wheel off design for precise lab-safe watt measurement in the hub that is calibrated for every mile on trainers to always be up to date.

Realistic feel:

With the heavy free wheel replicates the exact feeling as if you were out on the road and rode with increased and reduced inertia depending on road slope.

Virtual training:

Virtual training works with many popular softwares, tex Kinomap and TrainerRoad


iPhone 5 and 4S, iPad (3rd and 4th generation), and iPad Mini, BT 4.0 compatible Macbook Pro and PC with ANT + dongle

Flexible compatibility:

KICKR works with all types of bikes from 24 “to 29”


Train yourself or run shadow run against one or up to three friends from anywhere in the world.