Smartphone As A Bicycle Lock

No jam, always mobile and environmentally friendly-whether in the country or in the city, the bicycle is a popular means of transport. It is therefore all the more annoying that many bikes fall victim to theft. The usual bicycle locks are not secure enough and can be broken quickly, then the bike is gone and rarely emerges again. This is annoying and frustrating at the same time. But a new Crowfunding project promises a smart solution.

Alarm And Gps Beat Thieves Into Flight

The inventors of  LOCK8 are  now ringing for generation 2.0 as well, because with the help of your smartphone every thief should be deterred.

The actual lock consists of a small module attached to the wheel of your bicycle and has a cable to connect your pedal to anywhere. A lithium-polymer battery provides LOCK8 enough power to connect to your smartphone and can be charged via USB or induction. With the help of an app and an internet connection, you now have access to the lock from any location and can open or close it remotely.

If a thief has chosen your bike as a prey and cut the cable from LOCK8 with a heavy device, a 120 decibel loud alarm sounds immediately, which on the other hand attracts the attention of the surrounding passages and, on the other hand, the thief. In addition, LOCK8 will instantly send a message to your smartphone and inform you of the incident. If the thief has stolen your bike despite the alarm, LOCK8 has a GPS transmitter and you can track your bike.

Smart Bicycle Lock Not Before 2014

It is still unclear when and when LOCK8 comes on the market. The Kickstarter project is still active and the 50,000 pounds have so far reached 33,500 pounds. Recently, the initiators of the project were able to look forward to an additional € 44,000-the winner of the startup battle of TechCrunch Disrupt in Berlin.

In so far as the financing is given, nothing stands in the way of the bicycle lock 2.0 and it will be available from the beginning of 2014 for around 100 euros in the trade.

What do you say about the invention? Do you find this bike lock really smart or does technology enter areas where it is not necessary?