Skin Spots – Types, What Can Be, Best Creams

Best creams, what can be and types of skin blemishes.

Freckles and pints are the most common dark spots on the skin in children and young people. In addition to them, there are also the stains caused by aging. Of all the spots on the skin there are those that change color and appearance and others that are permanent. In general, dark spots on the skin are the result of the circumscribed deposition of substances that lend the skin a dark coloration, more often melanin, but may also be due to infections, mycoses, vascular changes, tumors, sun exposure and acne.
Melanin is the substance that lends color to the skin and that, depending on its concentration, can make it clear, dark or black. Especially in fair-skinned people Amelanine can focus on specific areas, forming spots that may exist permanently, from the beginning of life, or appear later. Some of these spots, because of their special location and shape, give a certain charm to the person who possesses them and are called pints. Others are punctiform and widespread in certain areas of the skin and are called freckles.

Even if you do potent dermatologist treatments for skin blemishes, you will need to use a whitening cream  from healthknowing for at least three months. Acids-glycolic, salicylic, retinoic, among others-serve both to remove the superficial cells of the skin and the pigments therein, lightening the tone, as well as to promote the penetration of other active principles of the products. This is the case of hydroquinone, kojic acid and arbutin, substances that inhibit the formation of an enzyme responsible for producing and distributing melanin, blocking the formation of the pigment causing the stain. There are also antioxidants such as tranexamic acid, ferulic acid, zeniberry derived from raspberry and vitamins C and E. They inhibit the production of free radicals, involved in pigmentation, and protect the skin from harmful action of the sun’s rays. In greater concentration, all these substances must be manipulated and used with the dermatologist’s follow-up, but you can also find good options in the market, the dermocosmetics, with a softer but also efficient action.

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