Size Matters!

It all depends on the size – the clothes should fit Yes finally! If you’re in a shop, you can try the different sizes of course alone. The largest selection of plus size fashion but there is on the Internet and there you have to rely on size tables.

Itself, any online shop offers a size chart that will give you assistance in shopping. But often, the sizes vary from brand to brand – also within a shop. If you order so the first time a specific brand, you can really hang in the air because you can not correctly estimate the size.

I always try to make my size, because if I order two sizes to choose from, right off the bat I know from the outset that I must send back at least part of, and I’m trying to avoid – simply because I find it annoying, to bring the package to the post office.

I write this already the size at all my posts, I’ve worn. Now it is even easier for you to compare the sizes of me with your own size. I hope that it will be a help for you if you want to order any of the items.

Size: 48 cm

Chest: 128 cm

Waist circumference: 121 cm

Hip size: 118 cm

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 130 kg

Also with the different dimension tables for larger sizes of the different providers, of course, there is no guarantee that fit the stuff right off the bat. Sometimes you have to test just one or two sizes. The sizes can vary E.g. between T-Shirts and shirts, or a certain fit is just not for you. If you but good measures you and look at the table of dimensions, the chance of directly matching articles and at the same time less frustration when trying anyway is greater.

I’m going off now link under the post my size chart .

Thanks by the way to Joey Genuardi, who made this illustration from a photo, to show you how you’re taking the best your measurements.