Six Essential Applications If We Have Rooted Our Android

Xataka Android have already talked about what is to be root, the benefits (and damages) that we have our terminal to the root and I have also explained how root most of the terminals. Root is undoubtedly very useful, When we well know how to use it and know the respective risks.

The root of our Android fact allows us to access to exclusive applications very useful in our day to day. In this post we have collected six applications that all root user must, at a minimum, know what are.

Titanium Backup

Let’s start with one of the fundamental and possibly one of the most useful. Titanium Backup is an application that allows us to make backup copies the data of our applications. Something really useful if we tend to install and reinstall our Android ROMs.

How the application works is very simple and in a few steps we can make a backup copy to, or else we can export to our MicroSD or we can upload it to your Dropbox account. Titanium Backup It is available for free in the Android Market but it also has a paid version that extends its functions.

ROM Manager

Install ROMs through the bootloader can be a little confusing for users who do not have much experience with Android. To avoid scares, and step make life a little easier, we have ROM Manager an application that, despite the redundancy, enables us to manage our Android ROMs.

Use ROM Manager makes more intuitive and simple process of installation of ROMs. From the app you can download some of the most popular ROMs like Cyanogenmod. In addition to facilitating the installation process also us allows you to make backup copies If, after we have changed the ROM, the result does not convince us.

ROM Manager It also has a free version in the Android Market as well as a paid version that allows us to access more ROMs to download and some functions extra.

Wireless ADB

When we want to pass data, officially, our computer to our device Android plays using the USB cable. However, thanks to Wireless ADB We can make this process wirelessly using the WiFi connection. Something very useful if we do not find the USB cable for example.

To transfer files, in addition to having installed Wireless ADB, we must have installed and configured the SDK in our team. If you don’t know how to do this in Xataka Android have dedicated a few tutorials to explain step by step how to do it. Wireless ADB It is available in the Android Market at a price of 0.99 euros, in this case there is a free or trial version.


BusyBox is the perfect definition of Swiss army knife in Android. The application is a compendium of commands and Unix standards, allowing us to easily perform tasks a bit tedious for example copy data from installed applications in the phone in our SD memory.

Although some of the options that make this application already the truth makes them Titanium Backup is that this app is much better for specific cases. BusyBox is available in the Android Market for free, if we want to help developers there is a version for donate for 2.09 euros.


At the moment, the process of screenshots on Android It is a bit tedious as it or install the SDK or use desktop applications. However users with your Android device rooted we have a couple of applications really useful such as PicMe and ShootMe.

The two applications are very similar among themselves. The difference is that the first allows us to make the screenshots from the browser on your computer (when the two devices on the same local network) and the second allows us to do catches by shaking the terminal and it saves them in the internal memory or microSD.

For me, these applications are the daily bread since them I do the screenshots for the reviews of the applications. Both PicMe as ShootMe they are available in the Android Market for free.


Finally we will talk about a curious and useful application in certain cases. SetCPU allow us to configure our processor clock for, among other possibilities, make overclocking. In certain cases allows us to take a better advantage of the processor of our Android but that also entails a number of risks. SetCPU It is available in the Android Market at a price of 1.39 euros.

In addition to these six applications, there are other so many applications that only work on terminals rooted so now I ask you What applications were in this list?Do you take any missing?