Silencer Rooms With Eco

Interior designer Christel Månsson show in this clip how to silencer a room where the oaks.

Christel is in a room where there are stone floors, stone walls, large windows and minimalist decor. In the clip should Christel now show how she dampens the sound of this office and make it more pleasant to work in.

Christel installing sound absorbers that dampen the sound.

There are several good ways to dampen noise and remove the echo. Already during the construction phase are concrete steps you can take:

add a step damping material under the floor surface layer

coating the walls and/or substrate with the acoustic plaster

The interior phase, there are many things to do to improve the sound environment.

Textiles softens harsh sounds. Use curtains, carpets and upholstered furniture. As for the curtains, think very fabric. The good thing folds. Panel curtains do not provide much soundproofing.

Here you can see the white acoustic panels on the wall. Plants also take up the sound.

The more air there is in the fabric or carpet, the better soundproofing.Look for fluffy materials.

There are also special absorbers that absorb sound. The sound absorbers puts you as close to the source as possible, For example, where you are sitting and talking on the phone. It is also good to put a few other places to capture sound waves that bounce in the room.

Fit the foam behind the canvas.

Another way that is both good and effective for sound, is to use picture frames where you tense up a fabric or a printed image-as long as the material is transparent, that you can blow through it. Then, insert a foam material behind the frame, as Christel shows on film.