Shorten a Watch Bracelet

Almost all have had the need to shorten a watch bracelet to see that its size did not fit to the extent of our hand. This is not a complicated if not the opposite procedure, although requires a bit of skill, some patience and some useful specifics necessary to do it. If you do not have these items, or similar, or do not consider yourself able to bring it to fruition, it is best that you go to a specialized technical service which carried out this work with complete assurance.

Tools to be used to shorten a watch bracelet:

PVC support, with the bracelet of the watch can keep upright during extraction and placement of the pins.

  • Steel exhaust to push the PIN out of your accommodation or insert it again.
  • Hammer, advised by watchmaker rather than chipping, to exhaust help fulfill its role through small and controlled taps.
  • Clips, that will facilitate you the handling of the various elements.
  • Pliers flat mouths, small size, in anticipation that some of the pins resist to leave their accommodation.

I then describe the procedure to shorten a Jaguar watch gold plated Bracelet:

Assembly of the links of this watch is constituted by a rigid pin stainless steel joining in a tube, of the same material, which gives pressure and immobilizes it.

First thing is check how many links should remove the bracelet to leave it to suitable size, if it is more than one, and is even number, sucrase half on each side of the latch to make it centered, as they are one or an odd number bag the largest number of the side which is between the closure and the 6 clock since this part of the bracelet is toward the inside of the arm and thus the closing is less visible.

I put the clock on the support of PVC, I present the extractor over the PIN and hit it gently with a hammer, better several short blows that one large, until the PIN comes out the opposite side more than half its size, clamp end of remove it completely, if it is too tight use the plier flat mouths.

Then I extract the tube giving pressure to the PIN, I push it with the exhaust, this time without the help of the hammer, and removing it with the clamp.

At this time I have bracelet separated into two parts, put the short part, which has no clock, on the stand and proceed to extract a link following the routine already exposed.

I have reached the goal of shortening a watch bracelet Jaguar now just left to join, again, the two parts of the bracelet, so that it can fulfil its role which is none other than the keep watch in the hand of the user.

Now is the time to join the two parts of the bracelet, clamp enter the tube in the link, present the other side of the bracelet and clamp fit the dowel until you reach the point in which it refuses to continue the advance, put the bracelet on the stand and with hammer embuto the PIN until missing approximately 2 mm volume of new exhaust present on PIN and with light hammers ended forming it.

As you’ve seen shorten a watch bracelet is as a game for children from 10 years, although in this case who did have quite a few more.