“Short Test” Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

The iPhone-Killer kills itself (with some help from me)
At the beginning of the year Sony Ericson announced with the XPERIA X1 a quite interesting concept of a mobile phone, in contrast to the previous models, Sony Ericsson renounced Symbian and gave Windows Mobile the preference. The equipment list reads on the other hand as a ticket in the Schlaraffenland: touch screen, QWERTZ keyboard, Bluetooth, EDGE, HSDPA, WLAN, GPS and so on and so on. Today so got in my test device and had to turn it about an hour later again. Why? Well, as beautiful as the technical data can be read, all this is of no use when the detail is (processing) slashed. After the click you will learn more.

But let us start by gradually. The device comes in a smart packaging therefore, first the battery, SIM and memory card (microSD, not included) is inserted. At first sight, the X1 makes a solid impression, but it is later destroyed. To insert the battery, you have to press two indentations in a very cumbersome manner and then remove the lid with more luck than your mind. Well, since the SIM and the battery is not changed every day, this can still be a pain. Then we switch on the good piece. Windows Mobile in the 6 version comes to life and requires some calibration settings from us.

To Windows Mobile itself I would not mention much. It is simply, sorry, but who once had an iPhone in his hand, can only shake his head. Sony is doing well to fix a pen, because the menus are not really intended for a one-hand operation. Also, Sony tries Windows Mobile with so-called “Panels” to conceal. This is, however, only external cosmetics and not really innovative. Because of the brevity of the time, I could not deal with it too intensively. What to think however is the fact that said panels themselves have been established (partly still downloaded). The first contact takes place with the typical Windows Mobile interface, so one is confronted with the hard truth unpainted.

But also something positive. The QWERTZ keyboard, which is attached to the sides as a slider, makes a good impression. As soon as you pull it out, the touch screen switches to the horizontal view without great delay. Also, the buttons can be used comfortably, regardless of the small dimensions. In this way you can, for example, quickly enter URLs in the Opera browser provided, the same applies to SMS and e-mails, of course.

After about 15 minutes of initial contact with the X1, I thought, we just switch it off. With “surprise” I had to conclude that after re-commissioning the good piece of technology hung up with Windows Mobile. For several minutes you only saw the green Windows start screen.What to do? As a long-time computer user, one thinks immediately of the possibility of a reset, usually one presses the on / off switch a bit longer. Stupid only if the cheap plastic button, as well as the operating system, stuck. Say the switch snapped in the case and read synonymous not with combined forces (colleague Claudia from the IT was helping me) back into the initial position. As a result, I was confronted with the inconvenience to immediately return the tester as a complaint. It is unfortunately a poor test, if a device in the price category 600 euros, has a such poor quality of processing. What in the world does not make Sony Ericsson use a quality switch made of metal that does not immediately give up the mind? Because, apart from the QWERTZ keyboard, the processing does not necessarily convince, the on/off switch and other design features consist simply of cheap plastic, there also helps no “metallic lacquer” which tries to thunder this.

The technical equipment on the paper is unfortunately, as so often, not everything, as elishui indicates. The X1 has quite potential, especially the solution with the QWERTZ keyboard makes you want more. A pity only if one gives away this potential by the use of Windows Mobile and the use of inferior switch elements. A second edition of the X1 (X2?) With a better processing quality and another operating system (eg Android) might change me in the future. But as long as I have to attest the X1, the iPhone and other devices (Blackberry and Co) can not reach the water.