Short Evening Dresses with Lace

The lace is one of the materials that is nowadays present in most designs of fashion wear, especially in night of the latest trends short dresses. Dresses with lace are widely used not only because they have an elegant style, but that they also have a style very sexy because they have a little bit of transparency.

Short Evening Dresses with Lace

The good thing about the evening dresses with lace is that they allow to look with much sensuality but not as vulgar, since the transparency that have the lace doesn’t notice the skin completely, pus then to make you look sexy in a subtle way I leave you with some models of evening dresses with lace.

She wears a dress with lace sleeves

This is a unique dress, since it has lace with greater protagonism in short sleeves, but however the lace detail goes until the end of the dress. It is an elegant dress thanks to the perfect combination of colors such as black and white.

She wears a black dress

If you don’t want to waste time in choosing the color of the short evening dress with lace, but if you want to wear an elegant color that will be all one way, then what better idea than a dress black color.


It uses a dress with lace in the area that you wish to highlight, for example, if you want to highlight the bust you have to wear a dress with lace at the neckline. On the other hand you have to avoid the lace in the areas that you want to hide, for example, to disguise broad shoulders you should avoid dresses with lace at the shoulders.

Avoid using a dress that has much transparency, leave notice some skin is sexy but it is vulgar to let notice skin more account in addition to lace. Read more tips on the dress explorer.