Shopaholic and Baby Book Review

Those who loved the cult books of Sophie Kinsella will certainly not miss the chapter dedicated to expectant mothers: ” Shopaholic and Baby “.It ‘came out in 2007 but, if you have not already read and you are pregnant, you can not lose.

Published by Mondadori in 2007, as in all the books of Kinsella its 354 pages flow quickly between a purchase (yet another) and a suspect betrayal. In this chapter of the saga, the heroine of shopping addicted, Becky Bloomwood is happily married to her and Luke has the job of his dreams: personal shopper is in a trendy store. What do you want? Of course, the arrival of a child even before the very first ultrasound had a layette rivals to a prince.

Drawn from fashion to the point of wanting at all costs to the gynecologist to the stars Venetia Carter, who later revealed the fascinating former girlfriend of her husband. But the most fun parts in which many of us can be recognized are undoubtedly forwarding shopping spree for small, which in reality do not yet know the sex! And if you happen to struggling with morning sickness, hateful symptom of many mothers, followed the advice of the protagonist of the book is nothing better than a ride shopping early in the morning … it will be …