Shoe Guide: Ankle Boots

It does not always have to be classic. Not to be missed today is the breath of casualness, which is a must for the most informal events across the population strata and around the world-from simple Otto normal consumers to presidents of the United States: casual shoes push down the ground if necessary proximity to the citizens and the Not a negligible aspect of attractiveness.

Especially those who are in the public or only in their personal environment no possibilities for identification with everyone leaves, is ill-advised. This footwear for the man is seen in every shoe cabinet. The wearing of an ankle boot also expands the range of use of your own wardrobe and allows the setting of individual components. The ankle boot for the Lord, of course, has its very own history and finds its origin in a special need, which the typical men’s shoe is too little.

The History Of The Ankle Boots

According to shoe-wiki, the first half-shoe on the earth was already a model for wall paintings, which originated in Spain 15,000 to 13,000 BC. In the so-called Altamira Cave you can still admire them today. They were worn by the hunters, as thermal and mechanical protection of the leg. A small tradition emerged slowly, but unstoppably, around hunters and soldiers. Later, parachute jumpers, hikers, mountaineers and lovers of various sports picked up the style as such, a good example of this are the boxer boots.

But they were also indispensable to safety in the working world. In addition to their suitably justified use like the rubber or riding boots, the ankle boots developed parallel in the fashion world as their own size especially since the end of the wars in Europe. At this time, a general need for protective function was lost in everyday life and the ankle boots were largely stable due to their optics.

Predecessor: The Boot

In the Middle Ages it was the aspect of increased material requirements for protective shoes, which were or would have been urgently necessary for the protection of the leg for many jobs. This was a major obstacle for the masses – they were poor, dependent, and at the time there was no alternative or more convincing material to leather. Shoes and boots could only be produced by hand at the time, and in the acquisition many people set their economic limits.

The simplified variant of an ankle boot was a small but enormously helpful breakthrough in innovation. The name “half-boots” was the name given to the name of the ankle boots. In the 19th century, they were already on the brink – every boot model was an expression of modernity, prosperity and taste. There were completely different species, but they were not preserved as such.

Wellington boots, Bottine, Jacobin and Hessian boots already point to the establishment as a trendsetter of their time, which also point to their origin in the English-speaking world. The differentiation today is quite different than in this era and plays itself above all by fashion.

Ankle Boots For The Lord Of Today

Since the beginning of 1940, ankle boots have become an integral part of the world of women’s shoes, but such great differences have not developed. The masculine style with no appreciable paragraphs is popular with both sexes and can be combined well in everyday life.

The renouncement of decorations in the model for the man does not mean that the fashion has no influence on the range of offers.There are mainly skilful lines of deliberately used seams or discreet perforation patterns in the shank for the transitional period.Buckles, rivets and eyelets have also developed as a popular revaluation in men’s ankle boots.

In addition to the models in the 19th century, the legendary cowboy boots and western boots were also quickly added to the range of men’s ankle boots. The label gives a clear line for the overall wardrobe to be combined-without jeans and a casual outdoor style, cowboy boots would be a stark break. The style itself can, however, be regarded as timeless.

Regardless of the type of closure, all styles of ankle boots are certainly equivalent in terms of comfort. The most comfortable way to see the slip ankle boots, zipper or lacing are more of a taste or simply for the optical lifting of the basic model. The more stable the sole and the more resistant to slipping, the more suitable is the ankle boot for sporting activities.

Even as snow boots are found under the styles of the ankle boots, which always appear with the gentleman with a long trouser leg and also salonfähigen inserts synonymous optically. They are designed with soft textile or skins. Anyone who wants to make sure for ethical reasons should be able to make the distinction on their own, because the Chinese market is now pushing the skins of dogs and cats into the world markets whose exploitation processes in our regions would be shocking and inadmissible.

The reason is that manufacturing is cheaper than high-quality materials and less than 20 percent material content does not have to be labeled within the EU. In this sense one is also on the safe side with all leather productions with a production country in Europe or the USA.

Practical Tips For Selecting The Men’s Ankle Boots

The “deglutation” of English-language expressions makes life a little more difficult for us in different spheres of life, because it requires a certain amount of researching joy in everyday life. If you would like to discover the entire range of goods online, you should know the names of the anglers in English in order to be able to discover all the websites of the providers with the help of search engines.

Even the best knowledge of English does not help with the search for the respective keywords in the tooth of the time. On-line translations are not allowed, but they are more high-quality dictionaries that can be discovered quickly. With the basic translation translated there, you can immerse yourself in the English-speaking world of the Internet and not only include the offer in other language areas.

For many brands now use the “universally valid” concept. Under “bootee” or “halfboot” an even richer repertoire opens up for gentlemen’s ankle boots, the inspiration is not limited by the language of the purchase.


The equipment of the wardrobe of the man of today is considerably enhanced by at least one pair of ankle boots: Whether for more sporty activities, recreational activities or just situations in the private sphere, many impressions through them get special accents and sometimes simply provide for warmer feet.

As you know, these are not to be underestimated – a cold foot transfers to the bloodstream and so to the whole body. For the performance in nightlife, ankle boots are popular for the gentleman, because they harmonize with modern casualness. It is unimportant, which models you prefer-be careful is only the combination of the whole outfit.

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