Shibori Dyeing Hair Trend

The rainbow colors for the hair are not enough. Now also they came to have the shibori hair strands that resemble ancient Japanese fabrics. And you would do it?

By now it is clear: the hair can be of all colors of the rainbow. There are those gold rose, the dark green, the ones that make you look like Maga Mago and, for those who cannot choose, there are also those rainbow, perhaps in pastel version.

In short, it is difficult in the range of possibilities that exist, and have been tested in humans with good results, do not find the shade that gives a twist to your hair. So far there was the suspicion fluconazole that to give the cue had been the host of the My Little Pony, but the latest buzz has made ??it clear that the inspiration fish with both hands even from history.

Instagram have sprung the Shibori Hair, the strands that seem immersed in a dye bath as happened with the fabrics in ancient Japan. It is in fact a technique which originates from there and has always been used for the fabrics.

A mastermind them was Tanya Ramirez, a hairstylist in Hollywood. Well, now you can play this technique on your hair. Do not you like the idea ?!