Send In Larger Sizes? There We Go!

In the current issue of for you 10/16 it is black on white “chic in larger sizes? I can’t! “.” We see it somewhat differently.Because just the women and men who have their say on this topic, make a very large contribution to improve exactly this situation.

Fashion In Larger Sizes? The Fashion Industry Designs And Manufactures Of Reality Pass.

How is it fashion, plus size? A pedestrian in a German city is described with all its shops and the samstaglichen hustle and bustle. It joins a business on the other, stores of large fashion chains in shop Windows show the latest fashion trends for the coming summer. All plus size women remain but from here out. Fashion trends are not in plus size. Plus-size fashion , women seeking also today still often in vain in the shopping areas.

About half of German women wears a dress size 42 and larger. Compared to only 15 percent of women wear a dress size 36. Of the women, the dress size 42 and carry larger, whopping 88 percent complain that they have almost no chance to dress fashionably. And this is solely and exclusively on the missing offer. But what we still much worrisome find is two-thirds of these women say also, that not even in a special plus size shop fashionable plus size clothing can be purchased.

Please Wake Up!

One of the women has no desire on shops that find it great to lead any clothing beyond dress size 42, is presented the article in which for them. Susanne Gundlach (55) is fashion editor and blogger. Susie has launched its three years ago plus size blog, just to clean up some cliché.

Another of good taste and the fashionable variety of plus size fashion world is an Adam Brody. The Swiss designer already twelve years ago founded his eponymous label and spoiled since curvy women with beautiful female fashion in larger sizes, which manages the balancing act to emphasize the benefits of curves and to score points with fashion creativity.

All German plus size blogger, plus size models and various nationwide and international initiatives ensure that the needs and wishes of curvy women get a voice and are increasingly visible. The message is: we want to look good, we tighten and we enjoy all the great fashion!

The fighting for more attention in the fashion industry is not just a German phenomenon — they also occur in many other countries around the world. And also provide strong women, “Plus”, that it no longer stigmatized. Somebrands and designers have already heard the wake-up call and offer fashion in larger sizes , which shows: here it is unpleasant to design any plus-size fashion. Countries such as the United States and England are slightly further in their understanding of plus size, by the number of the fashion supplier and the designs of clothing. This view is also Plus Size Bloggerin Lisa Mosh after many frustrating shopping experience with, for example, slim girls. Because in your opinion are collections of labels plus size often uninspired and not as nice as the collections of the main line. Also Lisa Mosh has begun to look abroad and just British plus size labels online to order, providing to Germany sometime. That was and is fashionable want to express on Lisa’s way to realize. (Fortunately there’s also British on form feeling plus size labels to shop!)

Yes, constant dripping wears away the stone – so it’s all in the plus size community continue and ensure presence to hear us loud and clear and perceives the fashion industry. Please wake up!