See What Are the Care with Lighting Design

“Nowadays, with the large increase in the value of the electric bill, the lighting design is a priority. The sooner it runs a project database, the easier it is to achieve all the goals of comfort, practicality and economy, “says the architect Mara, Labluz Zeni.

According to the architect, the wiring must be sized to not overload and also be distributed before painting. “The lighting is so specific about the decor. Each person has their own interests and needs. It is essential to resolve this before. But you must have a layout set to choose the correct lighting”, let me know.

The architect Roberta Banqueri warns that we need to be careful since the beginning of the process, which should start along with the architecture and interior design. “To have good lighting, consistent with the function and also decorative, it is necessary to study along with the interior design and implement the infrastructure along with the work,” he explains.

Roberta complements saying these recommendations also apply to the sound environment and the audio-visual project of home theater. “In the case of all this be automated, it is important that the client talk to the professional that meets and automation company to define what goes in to sound, video and lighting,” advises.

Roberta reinforces that it is important to define the technical lighting project to detail what infrastructure is required to be made during the work. You also need to define well the use of the space to determine the type of lighting and think of products with cost-effective, service life and low maintenance at HetongDIY.

If the use of the spaces is not well defined and there is poor lighting, will be more difficult to solve after all executed because civil intervention would be required.

Everything is easier if, before starting the work, it’s done a project as their uses, needs and desires, analyzing everything they have on the market and, most importantly, acquiring the use

“Do the layout of the project on the environment, with the distribution of furniture and decorative objects by setting the use of spaces. So it will be possible to meet the functional requirements and aesthetic, too”, she concludes.