See 5 Inspirations for Superhero Themed Room Decoration

Time was that superheroes were the great idols of children. Nowadays, even adults love these multipurpose characters and, sometimes, are intrinsic at your personality – whether by the clothes they wear or the own House decoration-full of thematic elements.

Come to think of it, the Montacasa separated great tips for you stay within the universe of fantasy and leaves the room with a decor of superhero.

Choosing the protagonist of room decor: Aquaman to Wolverine

Well, if you’re thinking about decorating the room using and abusing the superhero theme, you need to first of all, choose one or more characters that will compose the environment–so it’s easier to search for inspiration and products to buy. Basically, the best-known superheroes are divided into two large groups: Marvel and DC characters characters.

Both American Publishers are dedicated to creation of superheroes in the comic books and the popularization of them through cartoons and movies.

Marvel characters: they are, for example, Spider-man, Captain America, Wolverine, Thor and the Incredible Hulk. In the stories, they are always a more realistic strokes–which gives a more human characters. Sometimes, the same characters are integrated into teams. You’re going to say that you’ve never heard of ‘Avengers’, ‘X-Men’ or fantastic four?

DC Comics characters: they are, for example, the most classic heroes, let’s put it this way: wonder woman, Batman, Robin, Aquaman and & Superman. On creation and progress of each character, it is clear the use of powers and plots more fanciful. When the subject is the teams, the characters of DC Comics come together through teams, like Marvel, the most known of them, the Justice League.

The possibilities for decorating the room using the universe of superheroes is huge, but if you’re confused and don’t know where to start, how about starting by objects that are easier to integrate – and also get when you get sick?

1-bed linen

In the market, there are hundreds of shops dedicated to separate a section exclusively for lovers of the universe of superheroes. It’s not a rule that the pieces are stamped or have clearly delimited theme for you, but it is vital that, at least, they follow the colors of the character chosen.

For example: chose the fictional character Superman? A blue and Red isn’t bad, right? But have cases that the room decoration style, darker, will allow you to do something: all black quilt!

2–thematic Objects

In stores, those geeks that specialize in products for comic book aficionados, Pop Art and the like, it is possible to find objects full of creative design, as small and large frames, decorative boards, toy arts and thematic fixtures, for example.

3-stickers and wallpapers

Another great idea is to invest in stickers and wallpapers. Easy to put on, this type of product does not require any type of intervention that could damage the walls, quite the contrary. And look, there’s a lot of cool option.

4–Securities & Colors

Securities are essential not only to complement the decor of room. They are extremely functional and give a touch of design only when they are well chosen. As well as bed linen, it is crucial that somehow the niches and closets follow the colors of the chosen superhero. So don’t miss it!

Oh, if the room decor has elements of pop art colorful, buffets and sideboards retro are not not bad too!

5–A more radical intervention: art on the walls

If the budget permits, a great idea and fully customized is betting on artists that perform the work of creating the characters on your wall. Logically, the work is much higher, but the result fully copyright is really surprising–sure, hire a professional who knows what he’s doing!