Scorpion Exo 2000 Helmet Evo Air Replica Lacaze Collection

A motorcycle helmet that brings together a whole set of unique features that revolutionize the standards of comfort, versatility and protection.

Scorpion Exo® has been revealing a complete range of helmets with great innovations and functionalities, specifically designed to ensure maximum safety and comfort for motorcyclists. 
This Scorpion Exo model is the first choice of French pilot and motorcycle journalist Stéphane Lacaze who has previously developed some works with the American brand.
Extremely lightweight helmet, the new TCT structure of the outer shell, made of fiberglass but incorporating several layers of organic materials, ensures high levels of protection, since its construction allows deformation of Higher impact than conventional technology.

Inside, the very comfortable touch pad KWIKWICK3 is hypoallergenic and can be completely removed for washing.
It has the exclusive Airfit system, developed by Scorpion, which through inflatable cushions, and a small built-in air pump and easy access, allows to perfectly fit the helmet to the physiognomy of each motorcyclist, thus managing to minimize noise and consequently , Increase comfort. For this purpose, the Exo 2000 Evo Air still has a chin cover.
The advanced ventilation system, with internal channels that connect the front air intakes to the rear of the helmet, where a strategically placed spoiler creates negative pressure that ensures a good extraction of heat and humidity.