Santa Spy Apps

An APT group actually specializes in spying software companies squanders the hour and spread under the guise of Christmas spy apps for Android devices.

Security researchers from CloudSek are an advanced-persistent-threat Group (APT) on the track, who want to cheer among Android users Christmas apps turn the smartphone into bugs. The command-and-control servers to collect the data to work from Germany.

Security researchers found various spy phone apps in Google play, which disguise themselves as a Christmas game. Among other things, they count the play-with-Santa app. A short search in Google play, the app was but not finding. A search is as difficult, due to market is currently flooded with Christmas apps. CloudSek does not call the other affected apps.

Grab contacts, text messages and videos

During the research, the cryptologists stumbled on the dashboard that the attacker manage the attacks. At the time, where around 8000-infected users should have been listed.

The dangerous app disguised as game demands countless permissions that a user starting to nod. At the latest at this point you should prick up their ears. One is behind the light, about malware can copy images, share location information, and forward statistics on phone calls to the attacker.

Copy data from air-gap systems

It is surprising that it has seen off the APT group on software companies, reports CloudSek. The malware used was specialized on copying of information of air-gap systems. This should be realised via a USB module. (the)