Samsung Game Pad Makes Your Smartphone to Your Game Console

The Korean Samsung Smartphone manufacturers take part in the gaming hype and presents now an own Samsung gamepad for Android Smartphones: Smartphones are simply clamped into the bracket of the gamepad with a size between 4 and 6.3 inches and away you go. Who wants to can use the Samsung game pad in combination with a high definition televisions. Who stands on Samsung and on video games, can rejoice: the Koreans bring out an own gamepad. The controller to gambling by Samsung has, as befits a decent controller, a digital 8-way directional pad, two shoulder buttons, two analog sticks and four action. A start time and a select button may not be missing too. It is connected to the Smartphone with the Samsung game pad over Bluetooth. A play button that instantly connects you with Samsung’s mobile console app is located in the middle of the Samsung gamepad – about this app that acts as a control centre, also the so far 35 games are displayed, you can play generic lipitor and weight gain with the Samsung game pad and can buy online.

With the Samsung game pad all can play, an Android Smartphone with Android 4.1 jelly bean or higher, better smartphones Samsung are 4.3 Android Galaxy series jelly bean or higher. NFC connect directly between the mobile phone and the Samsung game pad plus play button note 2, S4 Galaxy and Galaxy are currently only possible with the Galaxy S3, Galaxy note 3. The other manufacturer’s Android smartphones and older Galaxy models are coupled via Bluetooth 3.0 with the Samsung game pad. The Samsung game pad is available in selected online stores in Germany already and will cost between 70 and €100.

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