Samsung Galaxy S7 Can Be Launched as Early as January

Despite the fact that Galaxy S6 has only been on the market for half a year’s time, swirling rumours of a sequel, Galaxy S7, already in the air.

Now spread one more rumor about the upcoming Samsung-top model, which comes from the South Korean newspaper, ETNews, who over the years has been behind several Samsung and LG-rumors.

According to the newspaper, it is reported that Samsung Galaxy S7 already will be presented in January without specifying a specific date. On the other hand, confirms the newspaper, that there will be a “normal” and launched a premium variant, one of which should have Samsung’s next Exynos 8890-processor and the other Qualcomm-also future-820-Snapdragon processor.

If the launch of Samsung’s next top model turns out to be already in January, speculation as to whether it will happen in the context of the CES, which takes place from the 6. to 9. January. The 1. March this year found Galaxy S6 event place during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, so it is not inconceivable that Samsung again this year in connection with an event timer-the question is just which one.

A month ago, proliferated a rumor that Samsung would have come faster through the development of the flagship, which forecast sounded February month-and South Koreans can therefore supposedly now cutting a further month from the development of the phone.

A rumor like this should always be taken with a grain of salt, since many things can change in the next few months.